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  1. Re: What can you do with a hive that has no stores - during the cold?

    Put sugar candy on the top of the brood nest
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    Re: Not Sure what to do with 2 queens

    You could add a brood box and split the hive into two equal parts with a queen excluder between one queen up and one queen down and let the bees stay together until spring... Or not.
  3. Re: Doing Bee Keeping Presentations at Schools - Need your thoughts

    I have done schools and scouts and find an observation hive is a way to go. Have a queen in a queen cage with some workers to pass around it is a kid pleaser. A bee suite and smoker can be shown I...
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    Re: This poor hive

    It sounds like you have a top bar hive? If so reduce the area with the follower board or if it's a box hive take off the supers and reduce the area for them and feed feed feed make candy and put over...
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    Re: One colony is failing already

    With out looking into it deeper the info you give with the dead bees on the bottom board and brood dead in the cells it sounds to me the bees got into some pesticide.. If it was C.C.D. you would find...
  6. Re: Elderly bee keeper, Neglected hives, and a question

    You won't have any problem changing out the hive bodies just keep the brood chamber the order the frames are in and leave them in the spot they are in for a day or two.

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