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    Re: Best Frame Style

    see what other local bee keepers are using they may have good info for you in regards to if you need double deeps for winter or just one or mediums.
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    Re: Two hives or one to start

    start with two so you can take frames from one if needed and or bees and queens but also to give you something to compare to it will make it more obvious if you have a problem in one.
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    Re: Foundation vs Foundationless

    i use foundationless deep frames for the broodnest and plastic foundation for the supers, they survive better and i dont get blow out, i tried a few foundationless supers and all of them blew out...
  4. Re: What is up with this? Really, upside down?

    i have seen this a few times, usually they start again from the top and fill down and meet them up, probably best to clean it out and let them try again
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    i shot 2 feral pigs last summer and where i live there are no pigs descended from wild hogs, i have seen turkeys running around in the woods as well and no native turkeys here.

    Have we modified...
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    Re: Is Roundup as safe as we have been told?

    one of the main reasons food is transported so far is fad diets, eat berries from the other side of the world they will make you healthy they may in one test have been slightly better than your local...
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    Re: Human Made Feral Hives

    Are bees wild, they have been part of active breeding programs trying to breed certain qualities into them, honey production, calmness and disease resistance, sounds like they are domesticated to me.
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    Re: clover planting

    do you have problems with birds eatting the seed if you overwinter it?
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    Re: Foundation Less Frames

    i havent put starter strips in but have some drawn frames i put the blanks in between the drawn frames and they build straight some problems i get are every one in a while they draw one of the drawn...
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    Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    its not super cold for long where i live on the pacific north coast only get a month or so below 0C and maybe down to -20C but it rains all the time all winter so moisture is a problem, i have top...
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    Re: a little tip on sealing ply-wood boxes

    it also depends on where you live, on the north coast plywood does not last more than a couple years, in a desert area it will probably last 20.
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    Re: Help with identification please

    looks fine to me, i think the darker colour seems to be just older wax that had had brood raised in it before, hard to see though i am looking at the pics on my phone.
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    Re: Is Roundup as safe as we have been told?

    look at the source of the article, wake up world, probaly not the best scientific reporting website out there. They also have articles on vaccines and many other conspiracy theories.
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    Re: overwinter with geothermal?

    would ventilation not be a problem underground
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    Re: Drones got the boot!

    my drones are still in the hive but the bees have filled all the empty drone comb with honey now and only a few capped drone scattered through the hives, but fall flow is just starting i was getting...
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    Re: what to do with apples from my apple tree?

    this reminds me of one time when i was a kid my mom noticed a crab apple tree on an empty lot and it was covered in red large crab apples, she decided she was going to make candied crab apples canned...
  17. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    it could be as automated as you want but more would cost more, not sure i have the time to devote to designing and prototyping patenting etc a system i doubt i would sell many of if any at all once...
  18. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    using oil in a heating system similar to this is quite common, i dont know why you would bother with a non industrial or large commercial tank but wax melting tanks that i have used have oil inside,...
  19. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    i like to automate simple processes its what i do, you could also add a bottle switching conveyor with a filled eye then only have to put empty bottles on a line :P
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    Re: Newby and smoke and mean bees ...

    my bees are pretty aggressive defending their honey right now as we are in the middle of our dearth and its very hot out, as soon as it cools down and we get some more flow they will calm right down....
  21. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    oil is a better thermal conductor than water so the efficiency of the system would increase,

    acebird i was thinking of limit switches because you could easy press a button to switch between jar...
  22. Re: Ideas for "in line" filter and "automatic" valve

    you could use a element with a low enough wattage that it will never be able to heat the oil enough to cause pressure to build, that is how the oil filled domestic heaters do it, and that is why they...
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    Re: Canola picture

    canola stands for Canadian Low Acid Oil
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    Re: supercedure cell in split

    i had found a nearly capped queen cell in one of the nucs so i put it in hive B left it for a while and when i checked that cell had hatched and i found a few eggs and the queen.
    hive A i put a...
  25. Re: NY Times Editorial: "Risking Another Silent Spring".

    at first you say you want a choice in what seed you can buy then suddenly you already know you had a choice but still your complaining about not having a choice.
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