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    Re: ApiLift Master

    This thread was started a few years ago. Has anyone found a contact in the US for a one man cart type system selling here. I am looking for a way to be productive and save my back. I think there is a...
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    Re: The Angry Bee Project

    You need to give us some details as to what is going on. Did you smoke the hive where the bees give off their pheromones? Why is the entrance closed? What procedure were you conducting? Yes...
  3. Re: Hello from Tennessee,,,need so informaion about electric extractors?

    Hello Brazosdog and a Big welcome to Beesource!
    Yes that is the unit I have purchased and put to the test. It is a great product for the money and will allow you to grow your operation. I was in...
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    Re: How many hive can fit in a 1 acre bee yard

    Hey Allan, we are almost neighbors, Welcome to Beesource!
    Don't take these guys quite so serious, they do challenge our questions and make us question our questions, and sometimes help us the...
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    Re: I would like to be a Commercial Beekeeper

    The heavy equipment side of the business is really down the road for you. If You do have a labor force that you have under your control, then moving, lifting and working the hives will not be an...
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    Re: kubota tractor

    Fire break; I too have experience in this. I had a field fire come right up to my barn and bee yard. Luckily I had the box blade on my tractor at the time and the front loader, but a disc would have...
  7. Re: Pending Florida Law - Mandatory Re-queening every 6 months

    Wow, I followed the blue arrow, and that Thread was DEEP... Makes me feel like a simple person who really enjoys the life of a Beekeeper without all the deep scientific Scientology of genetics and...
  8. Re: Pending Florida Law - Mandatory Re-queening every 6 months

    I see he is an instructor but I do not see where he is an Inspector, if he is an inspector, then he should know the Law!

    But that's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  9. Re: Pending Florida Law - Mandatory Re-queening every 6 months

    Radar, part of the problem you are only seeing online the "proposed" FL Law. My inspector had the final version in print and it did include the verbiage "Recommends". So the law as it was written is...
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    Re: Honeybee vs the Dragonfly

    I have just opened a hive two days ago and a Dragonfly swept down right in front of me and grabbed a Bee as it took flight off one of the frames! Never have I seen such aggressive behavior from a...
  11. Re: Pending Florida Law - Mandatory Re-queening every 6 months

    I have just met with my local FL State Bee Inspector for my annual inspection, read the words in the new law;"recommended", and he made sure I understood that it is only a recommendation and NOT...
  12. Re: Newbie Beekeeper and new to Bee Source with requeen question

    Steve, Welcome to BeeSource!
    As said above, get two or better three hives and stay opened minded. You will learn more than you can imagine and what a Great experience. Treat your bees like family...
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    Re: New at bee keepin from north Mississippi

    Welcome to the Club!

    I would first find the local Bee Club in your area, they will have all kinds of sources for you and be great networking. You may find a mentor in the club who will be willing...
  14. Thread: Hello All,

    by Bee Geek

    Re: Hello All,

    Welcome Bob!
    I hope this site will help You Bee Happy!

    Best Regards to your endeavor.
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    Re: your forum is feeling unfriendly

    Poor thing, Society owes him sooo much, and must we disappoint?

    GROW UP!
  16. Thread: sept 1st

    by Bee Geek

    Re: sept 1st

    Beetle Traps installed, check.
    Apivar in place, check.
    Start feeding just after this Fall flow...
    G2G (Good to Go!)
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    Re: Adding supers. above or below old supers?

    Have any of you guys used an infrared laser thermometer on a hive? I was wonder how well it would penetrate the wood as wood is an insulator... That would be swift and easy!
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    Re: Adding supers. above or below old supers?

    The thought is that the bees will be walking across the new foundation to finish off the top super. The younger bees will then start to pull comb sooner and more efficiently as they are in contact to...
  19. Thread: Hello all

    by Bee Geek

    Re: Hello all

    Welcome to BeeSource Kingpin!
    How many hives do you have?
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    Re: Started fogging today.

    Glock, regardless of the outcome, ThankYou for your time and effort towards your Bee's, but more so, Thank You for your time and energy sharing your outcome in these posts. I realize how much you...
  21. Re: Central Florida question about lack of brood

    I had two hives that got Honey locked, I too was concerned, so I removed two frames from the center of each hive that was all capped honey and replaced it with empty frames, no comb only foundation....
  22. Thread: SHB in Nucs

    by Bee Geek

    Re: SHB in Nucs

    I am in the FL Panhandle and yes we have SHB, I think they were developed here...
    I did four splits about a month ago and one Nuc got so infested with beetles it knocked the Nuc down to almost no...
  23. Re: Gathering Info on what fair prices for bee nucs

    Hey DePriest, you have to look at the market in YOUR Market, I'm your neighbor about 40 miles West of you. I can buy Nucs all day long for $90 and i provide the wooden ware. There are cheaper Nucs...
  24. Thread: Honey House

    by Bee Geek

    Re: Honey House

    You can do the Epoxy floor paint yourself no problem, in my barn/honey house I have 1620 SF that I applied two coats in one day. It is two parts, I used a Sherwin Williams product that you mix and...
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    Re: Anyone Polinate Pumpkins in Illinois?

    Thanks for all the replies. I have family in the the area of Morton IL where Libby's grows large tracts of pumpkins. I was hoping to find a contact to take my bees North next summer. Our honey flow...
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