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    Helping a colony through chalk brood

    I have a first year colony started from a nuc that was building slowly. Checking it out further, it has chalk brood. Quite unmistakeable. There is a reasonable population of bees, and they...
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    Re: Hello from the hills, Perth West Aus

    Hey Skeggley
    Good luck, I have a sister in Roleystone and have spent some years in that part of WA...great place to keep bees with things blooming all year long. I remember seeing wild colonies in...
  3. Thread: Buckwheat

    by Rob Hughes

    Re: Buckwheat

    I plant buckwheat as a green manure/smother crop on my garlic beds in rotation, and a couple of years ago planted a big area of it in my adjoining field, it was 'common' buckwheat from the local Coop...
  4. Re: what size swarm trap have you had success with

    I have been trying two 8 fr mediums held together with a ratchet strap, based on Seeley's recommendations for volume, but despite old brood comb, LGO and so on have caught nothing so far.

  5. Re: Is there a consensus on Screened bottom boards ?

    A lot of people seem to assume using a sbb means air whistling up from below, but if you use a design with a drawer slide below, this is not the case, as some have noted. I make my own sbb and they...
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    Re: Scarifying goldenrod and aster seed.

    I have been growing asters (both common and New England type) for the past few years to boost the numbers in the field near my hives. They are useful, as they flower at a time (here, anyway) when...
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    Re: queenless -enough time to requeen?

    Thanks for the additional info, I am cautious to do anything yet for the reasons given by Joseph. I re-checked the hive and found one possible queen cell on a warped bit of comb that looked ripped...
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    Re: queenless -enough time to requeen?

    Thanks zbee, useful ideas. My hive is similar, large population currently. No shortage of drones. We also have strong fall flow and honeybound brood areas.

    I am waiting a bit to re-monitor,...
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    Re: queenless -enough time to requeen?

    Thanks to all for the replies. I am checking the colony closely for a while to be sure what is going on. My other hives are very honey bound right now with only small brood patches, however I think...
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    queenless -enough time to requeen?

    Hi all.

    Checking my hives today, one that had been strong looked like the entrance traffic had dropped. Checked the brood box and sure enough, no uncapped brood or eggs,a bit of capped brood...
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    Re: Using deep frames cut down to medium

    I cut down a bunch of deeps to mediums and found that using a dremel with one of those thin cut-off discs works well to zip through the wire reinforcements. The intervening foundation/comb can be...
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    Re: Hello from New Brunswick, Canada

    Welcome, Moon Lit.

    Yes the forum is good, I learn something new almost every time I log on.

    Are you ordering from Country Fields? Are they sold out already? If you want more nucs you could try...
  13. Re: Hi from the Ice and Snow of New Brunswick

    Welcome! Amazing, another beesource beekeeper just down the road. I am only in year 3, so very new to this as well. Ice and snow for sure. More snow here than we need! I must try the Lincoln...
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    Re: The Miracle of Going Foundationless!

    I think the method of sticking in a couple of bamboo kebab sticks has got to be the best/easiest way to stabilise foundationless comb? Installed parallel to the ends of the frame, spaced equally from...
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    Re: Ukraine and thoughts of honey

    Several suppliers in the US have it, Douglass King Seeds seem to have a good price. Find it under wildlife> clovers. Unfortunately it's to hard to import here so I have stuck...
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    Varroa survival in dead-outs

    Many sources of information on the varroa life cycle are surprisingly vague about this, but it seems that varroa do not perist in egg form outside a living colony. In other words, for them to carry...
  17. Re: Growing degree days calculations for silver maple.

    Here in NB the silver maples are pretty much confined to the river valley bottoms, whereas the red is all over. Interestingly, red maple is one species predicted to do better under the warming...
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    Re: Predicting winter feed requirements

    You could try some searches on Google Scholar. Are you able to weigh some of your hives every month or so? This might give you a start on your own dataset, which in the end should be the...
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    Re: Better honey valve

    Not sure officially, but I would guess that given the acidity of honey, you might get some leaching of metals, and corrosion on the inside of the valve if honey sits against it for any length of...
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    Re: I was attacked! In winter!

    That is very interesting. I snowshoed in to my little bee yard in the woods yesterday to check up on things. It has been cold and very snowy here. Anyway, I wondered about the need to suit up, temp...
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    Estimating winter store consumption

    Hi all,
    Is anyone using a formula to estimate how the bees may be going through their winter stores? Bee colony functioning is a multi-dimensional system, but presumably temperature might be...
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    Re: NE Fall flow might be a record breaker.

    Farther along the NE axis, the fall flow here looks good, although I think it is just about over. Some goldenrod still going, though most has gone over. Asters still in full bloom. My hives have 80%...
  23. Re: Love my TBH, don't care much for the Langstroth Hives

    Thanks for the tip, Graham. I read the thread and took a look at the book exerpts. I can see how a high-volume hive design would be well-adapted to cold winter areas. Manipulating such huge frames...
  24. Re: Love my TBH, don't care much for the Langstroth Hives

    Would you have the details of that book, please? Sounds useful. I may try a horizontal lang next season. I have transitioned mostly to lang mediums but have some deep boxes and frames left that...
  25. Re: Love my TBH, don't care much for the Langstroth Hives

    Those who have long langs, do you make a sectional lid/inner cover of some kind so you don't have to open or expose the whole length of the hive when inspecting?

    How do the bees typically...
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