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    Re: when can I count my chickens?

    When fruit trees bloom, you are in the clear
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    Re: Euthanizing Hives with Mites

    You didn't ask for advice about your method, but I agree with other posters that this seems wrongheaded and poor animal husbandry.

    But if you are looking to kill bees and not damage anything else...
  3. Re: If at first you don't suceed.....blah, blah, blah...

    You didn't actually say that your bees were dead. Are they dead or are you just worried about them?

    Sounds like a lot of things went wrong for you: (1) poor fall stores (this happened to a lot...
  4. Re: Beginners luck but confused on what, when, where...

    Your nuc doesn't need room until they start drawing in the spring to accommodate the excess pollen, nectar, and brood. The bees in the nuc are surviving just fine. Don't mess with them now. In...
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    Re: Apiary Registration

    Ohio requires registration, but you can withdraw consent for the bee inspector to come onto your property (the inspector can always get a search warrant, though). Many municipality ordinances,...
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    Re: Hello from frozen Ohio

    Hello from Dayton!
  7. Re: Weekend Help during Honey Season Pay Question

    No worries, Dr. Lonzo. :thumbsup: My wife is a CPA, and I seem to absorb some of her wisdom so matter how much I try to ignore her.

    Deknow, your idea is a good one--but only if those others know...
  8. Re: Weekend Help during Honey Season Pay Question

    It doesn't matter whether you and the workers agree that they are 1099/independent contractors, the law (including the IRS) will look at the nature of what they are doing and your level of control...
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    Re: Off-season Prep

    Some of the things you are doing may be unnecessary. Orientation marks, ant traps, beetle traps...why do you think you need to do these things? Ask experienced beekeepers in your area if these are...
  10. Re: Newbie wanting to acquire my bees by swarm trap

    Planning to start with a swarm is fine if you are okay with the idea of not starting beekeeping for a few years. Swarm catching is like fishing. Sometimes you can't pull them into the boat fast...
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    Re: Poisened comb uses?

    Right, so I would scrap the comb and vacuum or trap out the bees.

    Stonewall, interesting post. Sorry that happened to you. I also wonder whether leaving sprayed equipment exposed to sunlight...
  12. Re: How young did you get your kids involved?

    I took my kids out when they were 5 in little suits. Short attention spans, though, and they can't really do much useful. When they were 4, they helped me bottle honey and spin the extractor.
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    Re: wood filler/wood puddy

    I am also confused about the "holes inside the box" statement. If it's a knot or something inside the box, the bees will fill it with propolis. Just leave it

    But to answer your question, I have...
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    Re: Poisened comb uses?

    Starting fires. Nothing else.
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    Re: Banking on a swarm?

    Swarm catching is like fishing. I'm a pretty good fisherman, but I've never not had a back-up plan for dinner after a day of fishing.
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    Re: Screen Bottom Boards

    There are two advantages to SBB that I like that no one ever seems to mention. I love having them in the winter because I can pull the tray and see from the debris (1) where the bees are in the...
  17. Re: Hello from the frozen wastland of northern Ohio.

    Hello from Ohio. Been in your area before during the winter, and I understand why the local college's mascot is the polar bear. Since it's so flat up there, you should definitely plan to have a...
  18. Re: Will Hives of Different Types of Bees Get Along?

    Everybody knows that a nice neighborhood can be ruined when a different race moves in...Hives start getting robbed, and pretty soon, all the respectable bees swarm off to the suburbs...

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    Re: odd phone call

    I am an attorney and have had several clients run across this issue with other businesses. The immigration system is screwed up, but one if the ways for immigrants to stay in the country is for them...
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    Re: Hardest part of winter to get through?

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings and fruit trees bloom...
  21. Re: newbi look over my plans give advice thanks

    Your plan is confusingly worded. As I understand it, your plan is to take the one, double-deep hive you have then:

    1. add a third deep of undrawn, foundationless frames, let them draw it out;...
  22. Re: Feeding Bees - Could they give up foraging?

    No, you won't make them lazy. In fact, if I feed a light hive in the spring, they will stop taking syrup as soon as a major nectar source opens up. The syrup will sit while the bees go get the real...
  23. Re: Raising the Sugar Content Orchid Bees Overcome the Constraints of Suction Feedi

    "Rhythmic movements of the proboscis may help to increase convection."

    That's what she said....

    Thanks for this post--I'll definitely need this when I start raising those orchid bees...?!
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    Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    Sterling, that may be true, but that doesn't mean that I would willingly and knowingly put it in my mouth or bottle it and give it to friends and lived ones.

    If you are so cavalier about it, you...
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    Re: Management Strategy Impasse

    I vote #1 or #3. It depends on what you want out of beekeeping. I talked to an Amish guy once. He said he farmed 30 acres. I asked him if he was looking for more land. He said "No, 30 acres is all...
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