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  1. Re: Massachusetts Queen Rearing/Breeding Class: Saturday, April 27th

    Hi Dean!

    Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  2. Re: Boston Bee School...Beginners and Advanced Topics

    Any news on the workshop? Excited to give this a try:)
  3. Re: Boston Bee School...Beginners and Advanced Topics

    No need for refund. Definitely let me know when the workshop is open. I do like the classes, I was more worried I was missing the video then looking for a refund. Thanks for replying.
  4. Re: Boston Bee School...Beginners and Advanced Topics

    Hello, I've sent you a couple emails and a PM with no response, I'm registered for you advanced class but dont know where to find the video streaming. I'm not able to go to the actual class and the...
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    Circle 7 Pollination/honey Milbury MA

    I've dealt with Cam at circle 7 Pollination twice now for nucs. Once for nucs brought down from georgia and ones he made himself. Both were excellent. Especially the ones he made himself, just...
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    Re: New England Beekeeping Supplies, Inc.

    I also use Rick for supplies, bees and advice. Highly Recommend
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    Re: Queen Rearing: Massachusetts

    Hi, I'm trying to sign up for the second session, but i can not find it on the website
  8. Re: Fuzz ball at the bottom of the hive? (Picture attached)

    I can't see the picture but i bet its a wolf spider nest
  9. Thread: Deep problem

    by aaronf30

    Deep problem

    So I bought a hive from soemone with one deep and one super. I didn't know what to do so added another deep inbbetween them. They don't seem
    to be. Building on it though. What should indo? Thanks
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