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  1. Re: I just harvested some really dark honey, could it actually be "honey dew"?

    If it *is* "honey" from honey it safe for people to consume?

    I couldn't find a firm yes or no on that.
  2. Re: I just harvested some really dark honey, could it actually be "honey dew"?

    I didn't take honey from this particular hive last *could* be knotweed.
    Although I would have thought they would have consumed any honey in there over the winter (my reason for leaving...
  3. Re: I just harvested some really dark honey, could it actually be "honey dew"?

    There is a river abbuting the property (down a ravine)..

    But I've never really gone down there and observed the plants...there may...
  4. I just harvested some really dark honey, could it actually be "honey dew"?

    Does anyone know how to identify it as such?.
    I have one hive that was already honey bound that I took 6 frames of (what I hope is actual honey) from the top 2 boxes. The Hive is stacked 5 high.
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    Re: Storing honey in an uncooled house

    You said "I picture my wife trying to do this.."

    Heck, we're all not like that...myself..I don't have a cell phone/ smart phone..
    I have a land line, and use a desktop computer...

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    Storing honey in an uncooled house

    Hey there...

    I have a friend that is doing homesteading/ off grid....
    Obviously, they have no A/C...
    (in winter they use a wood stove)

    They have several gallons of honey from their hive this...
  7. Re: Honey bound, no drawn frames and no extractor - what to do?

    cristianNiculae....I cannot crush and strain either..because I have a muscle disease that limits my strength and dexterity...
    So..not everyone can do that..
    I don't know why *you* can't..but...
  8. Re: Will the half left without a queen make it this early?

    David...what *exactly* are they getting nectar from over your way?
    I am between Scottsville KY and Lafayette TN....I moved 2 years ago (I have asked the admin twice how to change my location....they...
  9. Re: Dried, powdered bee it real?

    OK, so I see in fact there *is* such a thing...(who knew?)

    But I can't decipher from the article if the dried, powdered form is as good as (WRT properties and benefits) the alcohol tincture,...
  10. Dried, powdered bee it real?

    Was talking to some people a while ago, and they mentioned the local heath food store sells dried, powdered bee propolis..
    I told them I didn't think such a thing was possible, as I was of the...
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    Extracting honey from top bar hive comb

    I need some input into an efficient method to extract honey from top bar comb..

    *Not* interested in doing cut comb at this time, period.

    All I seem to hear is "hand squeeze it"..which I have...
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    Re: Banking a saved queen after colony died?

    I am a little curious/ confused too, delber.....

    I thought when bees swarmed, they had a queen *with* them...they hang close to her..

    So, why then would "queen juice" work for attracting a...
  13. Wondering if anyone here has considered horizontal Lang hives?

    I don't know that any exist commercially (ie: plans to build from).

    But I really think I'd like to try one this coming spring...for several reasons.

    Mainly because i have issues with lifing...
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    Re: need to get rid of bees....


    I have personally seen honeybees going in a trash can outside a convenience store near where I live.

    Yes, these were honeybees..*not* yellow jackets...which one normally sees...
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    Re: SHB slimed 100 lbs maybe more????


    What type of SHB preventative/ deterrent do you use?

    I have had good luck with Beetle Blaster traps filled with vegetable oil...helps with the ants too..
    No chemicals...

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    Re: Very dark, very tasty early honey

    A friend of mine recently harvested some honey that was a peculiar color..very pale straw, with a hint of green...
    We are in Middle TN, and I am not aware of anything (star thistle?) in this area...
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    Beehives in full sun...

    Hi..newbee here..

    My hive is in full sun.
    After considering several locations on my property, this is the best I had...
    Anything in partial shade would have either been on a slope or too close...
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    Re: Ants...Tons of them

    Hey PatBeek...
    My vaseline worked..for a few days..Now it has dried into a crust and the ants are crawling right on top of it..

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Ants...Tons of them

    PatBeek had the best fit for our situation, to prevent *further* ant infestations..
    (Our hive being a top bar on cinder blocks)

    The problem now is THIS..
    How to get rid of the ants already in...
  20. Are my bees agressive, or just normal?

    Newbee here...

    I have one hive, had it for about a month now.

    First noticed a potential problem when I mowed the field that the bees hive is in the far S.E. corner of.

    I was push mowing...
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    Re: Preparing raw propolis for consumption.

    Regarding mixing propolis with alcohol....

    Michael, I'm curious.....Wouldn't that possibly destroy trace elements/ minerals, etc., that are beneficial in the propolis?

    I am aware that many...
  22. Non beekeeper (for now) with question about GMO plants

    I am in the process of moving to a new place, and intend to put up a hive there.
    I have a friend who has offered to help me get set up.

    Here is my question..I love odd and strange flavored honey,...
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