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  1. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    When your done for the day or if you have been in a diseased hive after your done place the end of you hive tool down into your smoker and squeeze the bellows a few times to clean it up and help stop...
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    Re: Too many stings/venom?

    My wife has helped me since I started keeping bees in 2006, she had been stungs dozens of times then in 2014 she got stung while we were taking a swarm. She started having breathing difficulty within...
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    Re: Identification Help

    It looks like one of the miner , also called digger, bees.
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    Re: louisville ga bee tree issue

    Are you sure it isn't Louisville, KY? It is in Jefferson county, KY. After checking it out I found that there is also a Louisville, GA. in Jefferson county, GA. :scratch:
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    Re: Metal tank: Cut-out vs. trap-out

    My first hive came from an old water heater tank. I knew nothing about bees but I used a grinder to cut open the tank and after getting everybody in the household plus the dogs stung, I had bees in a...
  6. Re: Whats the best way to uncap wax from a frame?

    I still use 2 serrated uncapping knives rotated into hot water to keep them warm and cutting. I have 20 production hives and have extracted as much as 800 to 1000 lbs. this way. I use a scratcher on...
  7. Re: Who's got a better laying worker than this one??

    Kelley's was selling a product I think it was called queen right, it's an artificial queen pheromone, not to be confused with the synthetic Nasanov pheromone for swarm traps. I used it to suppress...
  8. Re: Demaree or 2-queen method - has anyone done this?

    Sounds about right. I generally start with them over a screen board because virgin queens can sometimes get through an excluder. I switch to an excluder once the queen in the top box is laying.
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    Re: Price Suggestions?

    I get quite a bit more than the quoted prices in ABJ or bee culture for my area. If you have just a small amount then find the highest priced local honey in your area and add a dollar. You can adjust...
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    Re: Messing with bees at night

    I prefer to move them early morning just at sunrise, according to how many I'm moving. Some folks make an assumption that bees don't fly at night but they are pretty defensive at night which makes...
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    Re: Screen Shrubs for Virginia

    Hollies work well but like Shane said select the right variety. When the hollies are in bloom they hum with bees. Privet is also a good hedge and like Hollies will hum when in bloom.
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    Re: Where do you order your bees?

    Pirate, You can check with Brandon Sutton. Sutton Honey Farm in Lancaster. He winters some of his bees in FL and does splits and sells nucs before coming home for the Locust and honey suckle bloom....
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    Re: Hive Stand Height

    I make hive stands 12" high using 2x12 lumber left over from construction jobs.
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    Re: Whats optimum size for swarm traps

    A deep single deep set up does fine. I have used corrugated nucs but the really large swarms will pass them by. I have also used the flower pot style trap with good success but they just didn't last...
  15. Re: Puzzling hive, possibly queenless? What can I try that I haven't already?

    I'm up in KY and there are no drones flying here yet, at least in my yards, I'm not sure if TN has drones flying yet. I would run the bees through an excluder and if I didn't have a queen I would...
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    Re: Do I remove dead bees from comb????

    I use my air compressor and blow them out, Just keep the PSI turned down so you don't blow holes in the comb.
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    Re: How do you spot eggs?

    As I've gotten older I now use over the counter reading glasses if I'm looking for eggs. It makes it super easy to see them. If not using magnification you have to find the "sweet spot" with the sun...
  18. Thread: Kelley Bees

    by Sharpbees

    Re: Kelley Bees

    I live about 45 minutes from Kelley's. I also have a Dadant about 45 minutes in the other direction so I usually go pick up anything I need instead of having it shipped. I have good service from...
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    IMHO, I don't consider bees domesticated, they are managed but still wild by nature since you can't really make a pet of them. That being said, in context of the thread, I consider any established...
  20. Re: On splits - Take the old queen or leave her in the original hive?

    I have found that when I find sealed queen cells about 60% of the time the hive has already swarmed. If I want to make increase I will break the hive down into nucs with 2 natural queen cells in each...
  21. Re: Do the Descendants of the Package Queen Produce Successively More Irritable Hives

    One reason many beeks use commercially produced queens is to keep young queens in the hives but they do not want or don't have the resources to make their own, or for convenience. The usual debate...
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    Re: When Will You Start Nucs And Splits

    Possum, I'm out around Bardstown, KY, my earliest splits using purchased queens are done on Apr. 15th depending on weather conditions. If I am doing walk away splits and letting them raise their own...
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    Re: Migratory covers

    I first heard of Advantech from Cleo Hogan. I have 2 year old unpainted tops made of it. I also soaked a piece, submerged for 6 months and it didn't even get soft. No warping on my tops and no cleats.
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    Re: Can I put fish in a water source?

    You could always put a small fountain pump in to keep the water agitated.
  25. Re: Critter Eats Bees and Defecates in Front of Hive

    As a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator I like to deter the critters instead of trapping or killing them. With skunks, some states require that you euthanize them if trapped, I suppose it is...
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