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    Re: Blue Sky Bee Supply

    Thanks again all. We appreciate it. Many exciting things happening this year . . .
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    Re: Beekool suit assembly?

    Here is an instruction video.
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    Re: Blue Sky Bee Supply

    Thanks for all the great feedback! We are working harder than ever to keep up with demand and adding more items every day (many new items that aren't even in our glossy catalog). We think we are...
  4. Re: which one Jenter Queen System/ Mann Lake Queen Rearing Kit are they the same conc

    We now have the larger "hair-roller" queen cages for Jenter with feeding cap. These are intended to be used with the grooved yellow cup holders.
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    Re: Best Comb Honey Book?

    Roger Morse's book "Comb Honey Production" is excellent.

    We also have a pamphlet by Richard Taylor, "Comb Honey Basics" which is a good primer (it is included with Ross Round super kits. If you...
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    Re: Foundation color

    We have always found the bees to draw black (American Made) Pierco plastic foundation the best out of all plastic color/foundation. We use it for both brood and supers. White in your supers will make...
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    Re: 1 lb. Panel Bear - IN STOCK NEXT WEEK!

    The panel on the 16 oz. Bear is 1.75" W X 2.25" High. It is a rectangular panel (slightly rounded corners, but not a silly oval panel like other bears) on both the front and the back. It's look...
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    1 lb. Panel Bear - IN STOCK!

    Our NEW 1 lb. Honey Weight Double Panel PET Bears will be in stock next week.

    Order now!
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    Re: cheapest hex 1.5 oz jar?

    We ship pallets Texas all the time. Let us know if we can help.
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    Re: Nicot or Jenter...need to decide

    Just a note: we DO have the JENTER "hair-roller" cages. These are meant to work over the grooved plug holders and have a feeder cap included.

    We are always happy to sell replacement parts for your...
  11. Re: spring order backlog from suppliers

    It's been too cold to ship wax foundation, I'm sure that jams up a lot of their orders.

    I get worried if we don't ship something out within 18 hours, can't imagine weeks. Luckily, the only thing...
  12. Re: Swarm season in Cleveland, OH area

    We usually start seeing swarms in early May through June here in Portage County.

    Our bees did well this year (lost just 10% as of a few days ago). Most hives are very strong with a big population...
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    Re: Ultimate hot weather bee suite

    We don't doubt that Ultrabreeze uses a high quality zipper. Just to be clear, the feedback we have had on poor-performing metal zippers has been on imported ventilated suits with metal zippers from...
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    Re: Ultimate hot weather bee suite

    Actually, we use high quality USA made YKK Vislon/Rugged Nylon Zippers on our BEEKool™ suits which do not get clogged with wax and propolis. We use the same quality zippers found on our BBWear suits...
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    Re: Jenter parts list

    Both the smooth yellow holders and the grooved/serated are receivers of the brown plug/cell cup combo.

    They both can be used with the virgin queen protector cell/cutter cage (the brown cup holds...
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    Re: Bee Culture ?

    You can easily save PDF copies of ABJ from their system, which is nice. It also maintains the search functionality, so you can search for topics among all issues at once. I'm not sure if you print to...
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    Re: Blue Sky Bee Supply

    We have continued to add new staff in 2014, so we will be ready for your orders. We appreciate your past and future business.

    Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions!

    Note: Our new 6...
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    Re: Pollen traps

    I recommend the Sundance trap with rear tray (top or bottom). Top will yield cleaner pollen, but it will be hard to train the bees, if they aren't already using a top entrance.

    Do not get the side...
  19. Re: who has inverted 24 ounce plastic containers for honey?

    We appreciate your feedback. They are not final yet, so we can still incorporate your ideas. We hope to have everything set for pre-ordering by first week of January, with shipments to begin by end...
  20. Re: who has inverted 24 ounce plastic containers for honey?

    You certainly don't have to buy from us, only answering to be helpful. We have a 24 oz. Hex-Embossed container that looks great with the 2" inverted cap. See image.

    Not all sizes from this family...
  21. 6 oz. Bear and 16 oz. Bear coming in 2014

    Public Notice: We will have a 6 oz. PET plastic FLAT panel bear coming in late February. We will have a 16 oz. PET plastic FLAT panel bear coming in late spring 2014. Many other exciting new items...
  22. NEW WOODENWARE FOR SALE in Ravenna, Ohio

    It's been many years since Blue Sky Bee Supply has carried basic woodenware (boxes, tops, bottoms frames and foundations). We have decided to offer these items again for LOCAL pickup only in 2014...
  23. Re: Honey/Bee Information for Customers

    I would look at the National Honey Board's website. They have a lot of good info.
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    Re: Automated Bottling Line

    Swienty is probably a good bet.

    I'd think you'd be looking at min. of $80,000 CAD for a perfectly integrated line. Obviously the faster and more versatile you need the line to be, the more you...
  25. NEW! Affordable Kids/Youth Bee Suits!

    Proud to announce Blue Sky's truly AFFORDABLE Children's Deluxe Bee Suits! On sale for $49.95 with all the features you'd expect!

    Just in time for Christmas! Now shipping!
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