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    Re: moldy quilt

    Try drilling one or more vent holes in the sides of the quilt box, then attaching to the exterior some sturdy screen overlaying fine fabric to keep mice and bugs out. This keeps the quilt volume...
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    Re: Good books?

    Try also Beekeeping for Poets at Apple iBooks, B&N, smashwords etc.; e-book only. Mix of how-to and philosophy in natural methods, and in rethinking "modern" beekeeping.
  3. Re: Simplified Inch Dimensions & Using As Bait Hive

    Well, what you are doing is not consistent with Warré means or methods, and so your postings are OT in this section of the beesource forum. And I don't believe your in-your-face sarcasm or...
  4. Re: Simplified Inch Dimensions & Using As Bait Hive

    If you actually read Beekeeping For All (find the Heaf translation), you'll find out why you cannot omit the quilt or simply (attempt to) run Langstroth boxes as Warré hives.

    And if you ever hope...
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    Re: Adding hive bodies

    Sorry but I thought your question was in the context of hive management. Seeley's research was on swarm preference in an unmanaged situation, driven by aggregate consensus and using bees' criteria....
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    Re: Adding hive bodies

    Haven't seen any research on this hypothesis. It does seem allowable that smaller swarms would choose smaller cavities over larger to make defense and heating initially more manageable.

    But by...
  7. Re: Flawed thinking - if warre was alive today?

    The world has indeed moved on since Abbé Warré passed on 60+ years ago, but the core of his philosophy I think remains pretty solid and workable.

    Things Warré probably could not have anticipated:...
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    Re: pronunciation

    A native French speaker once explained that the initial "a" in Warré sounds like the "a" in English "cat" or "hat", not like the "a" in "war". Dialect probably dictates how the "rr" is handled,...
  9. Re: New keeper and questions on harvesting

    Hi, welcome to the craft of frameless Warré beekeeping and the forum.

    Have the bees built downward past the first/initial box? Stopping building regardless of added space below can be a problem,...
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    Re: Karo syrup = bad for bees?

    I would not. HFCS is not a food interchangeable with sugar, despite the Corn Refiner's Association propaganda and recent failed petition to the USFDA to have the stuff relabeled "corn sugar"....
  11. Re: Warre - only ever add boxes to the bottom?

    You could certainly add a framed section-comb holder adapter to a supered Warré box. I too like clean comb honey for table use, but the corner-comb that basic Warré boxes provide can be pretty...
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    Re: Moving down into the next box

    With frames, maybe. With a Warré, putting empties on top risks construction of Tower of Babel comb (built upward from top bars) -- you don't want to go there!:eek:

    Try priming subinserted boxes'...
  13. Re: Would like some advice from a Warre beek

    ...Well, might as well stop right there. If you haven't actually read Beekeeping for All a time or two, and internalized what Warré had to say about large, beespaced-frame boxes, you might not...
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    Re: Who Speaks for the Weeds?

    OT OT OT. Please refrain from making ad hominem attacks and religious themes. Abbé Warré was a true man of God, not a pretender, so I guess he'd counsel you to forgive someone's offensive or wayward...
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    Re: How to fix cross-combing...?

    Try wax strips affixed to the TBs' undersides. This is recommended by a hTBH-friendly columnist over at Bee Culture magazine. I have a video showing an easy method to make them:
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    Re: Stoopid Question...

    I have a special base on my hives that allows me to pass a cargo strap with ratcheting tightener through the roof eves-gap and around a solid 2x4 integral to the base. The 2x4 is nestled between a...
  17. Beekeeping for Poets - new book announcement

    Dear Warreors on beesource--

    There's a new Warre-friendly beek book at

    It's just out, and discounted for beesource members and...
  18. Re: Thoughts on "Healing Tea for Honeybees" ?

    This thread is starting to lose focus (was: regular dosing with herbal infusions) but I'll just add that beekeepers have been interfering with bee sex and reproduction since the skep era at least,...
  19. Re: Thoughts on "Healing Tea for Honeybees" ?

    Well, the good Rev Langstroth said, “I have no doubt that some of my readers will object to [removal of drone brood cells] as interfering with nature: but let them remember that the bee is not in a...
  20. Re: Thoughts on "Healing Tea for Honeybees" ?

    This is the final consideration. If the bees need chronic beek intervention to survive, this hardly counts as sustainable. Creating a dependency on the beek may be an ego-boost for some...
  21. Re: Thoughts on "Healing Tea for Honeybees" ?

    Look, this is not that hard. Just do a double-blind randomized study:

    1 Within the same apiary, divvy up the hives into two equal groups of, say, 10. Duplicate efforts across 4 or more apiaries....
  22. Re: Thoughts on "Healing Tea for Honeybees" ?

    Actually, oils and fats from snake flesh have been found to contain a good bit of essential fatty acids similar to fish oil. But I digress...

    Claims of a "healing" tea for honey bees might have...
  23. Re: Templeton-Stade honey/wax press uploaded to sketchup warehouse

    $300 per pair seems excessive. You can buy a 1000 lb. A-frame jack for <$30.

    I don't recommend standard threaded rod or bolt, unless it's a good grade steel with acme threads.

    I have no real...
  24. Re: Langstroth as a warre ? yes? no? Thoughts? Suggestions

    Simpler is better: I used to have a nightmare of condensation and mold problems until I settled on this solution:

    * Ventilated and screened quilt box (1" holes, mesh & fabric exterior to keep out...
  25. Re: Templeton-Stade honey/wax press uploaded to sketchup warehouse

    If you're using sketchup, one can examine the Definition Name field of the Entity Info dialog for clues as you drill down into hierarchical components. Most parts have material descriptors.

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