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    Re: Going to Orange Bloosom Thread

    my trees just started blooming today. Bees are very active now. Bearding on hive box, but it's almost 90 degrees here
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    Re: Fall comb drawing

    I started last year in august, with 1 hive and 4 nucs, and I didn't start feeding syrup for at least a month and they made some comb, but not more than they could cover or fill really. There were...
  3. Re: Feeding Sugar instead of Syrup and or Candy

    the guy I buy bees from said to invert the sugar so it doesn't go bad as fast, and the bee's digest it easier so they can start using it to build comb with faster, it was late in year when he told me...
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    Re: Arizona bee attack death.

    Gentleman I got my bees from was usda inspector when they had a program in az and I was told that most bees here carry some, some, AHB genetics, except what gets brought in or lives where AHB haven't...
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    Re: More Than Frustrated

    I've had a lot of swarming, and was planning on doing splits this year, but I figure the plan was to repopulate with honey bees that aren't africanized here, so I'll let em do their thing, they;re...
  6. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    Commercial beekeeper I get from uses burlap and then puts a handful of smoker pellets, for cooking with on top and said it lasts him all day, and the bag lasts all season. He is very pleased with...
  7. Re: Africanized? bees moved into my eave and are buzzing and stinging neighbors etc

    Thanks guys. I've been keeping a sprinkler on the entrance so the field bees can't go back in , and I will occaisionally go move the spray and they go for the hive entrance and I just spray a...
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    Re: Bees flying around face in yard

    I have long hair and a beard and the move-in bees were bombing me while I was trying to soap and water a colony that moved into my house eave and were harrassing me and my neighbors. They'd slam...
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    Re: what kind of store sale lemongrass oil?

    I was wanting lemon grass oil and spearmint oil and found it at the local Sprouts, farmers market they call it. Where I bought it though was a specialty oil and scent place I was passing while...
  10. Re: Africanized? bees moved into my eave and are buzzing and stinging neighbors etc

    I was wondering what to spray inside to do the job, my girl says that murphys oil/soap works well... but I'm wondering what will stay a day to get the field bees also. I do not like killing them,...
  11. Africanized? bees moved into my eave and are buzzing and stinging neighbors etc

    What would you do if aggressive bees moved into the eave/ block wall or your house?
    My neighbor came by day before yesterday and said that 'my bees' are buzzing him and his kids when they come...
  12. Africanized? bees moved into my eave and are buzzing and stinging neighbors etc

    What would you do if aggressive bees moved into the eave/ block wall or your house?

    I have 5 hives in my backyard, in town. Never had any complaints before, ever. I think alot of the...
  13. Re: Value of tomato and pepper plants to honey bee

    I have a plot about 3 feet by 6 feet or radishes, thick, and my bees love the flowers on them. I planted them for flowering in winter time, mild here, and they didn't flower till a month or two ago...
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    anyone in AZ selling nucs now or soon?

    anyone in AZ selling nucs now or sooner... :) just kidding. Anyone in AZ have any nucs or packages for sale?
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    Re: pollen, pollen, pollen!

    Since TX was so drought stricken this last year with lack of food for bees, maybe consider getting a pollen trap and saving some for later in season to supplement feed if you have another dry season....
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    Re: Got a sting - BAD reaction - advice needed!

    I have 5 hives, had 4 then got a fifth nuc. when I had just the 4 hives I'd get stung and no reaction, but after getting the fifth nuc I've had 'reactions' twice, from the new hive, so I think the...
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    Re: fermenting sugar water

    I'm too new to know for sure, but I thought I read that inverting the sugar syrup with slow fermentation as well as make the sugar easier to digest for the bees. This true gurus?
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    Re: Foundation type?

    I've always read that the bees dislike plastic, but I bought a hive in august and the bees wouldn't build comb on the wood frames with plasticell in them, it had all plastic frames and foundation in...
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    Re: Plantings for Bees

    I'm new to this, but one thing I've noted from reading is some honey crystalizes fast, and some slower. I gather that if you can't get the honey out quick then fast crystalizing honey/nectar crops...
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    bees digging in my seed starter soil

    I have several seed flats with different soils in them, but in particular I have two flats that are a different color than the black ones, it's a brown color, and has Jiffy seed start soil,...
  21. Anyone know a reliable source for manuka honey?

    My soon to be daughter has a stomach ailment and is looking for manuka honey. Can anyone here point to a reliable source of good manuka honey. Any good recipes for stomach remedies using honey or...
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    Where to buy Manuka Honey?

    I have a family member looking for manuka honey for an ailment. Anyone know where there is a reliable source in the states? She's in colorado, im in AZ
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    Re: Honey Bee Genetics

    Don't know which Tom, but my Glen apiaries stock did really well over the winter, but my winters are short too, just like Glen's are. They're out working already. but phoenix is much warmer than MI...
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    Re: All My Bees Are Gone!!

    Sounds like you've checked more than once and know it's 'dead', but last november I checked a hive and saw only a few bees and thought it was dead, then checked a day later, at a different time, and...
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    Re: Winter feeding

    The grease is just to cover scent isn't it? not for food...
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