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    Re: Veil suit. Thoughts?

    I alway wear a veil at least. Nothing ruins a day more than picking up a sting under the eye or on the lip. Beside that it all depends on what is being done in the bee yard and if you are dealing...
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    Re: Swarm Question

    I didn't have much choice about using the para moth treated comb, there was a big old storm blowing in yesterday afternoon when I boxed the swarm and it ws all that was handy. We have had rain all...
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    Swarm Question

    Don't know if I screwed up but I boxed a swarm yesterday using drawn comb that had been in storage using paramoth. I was only able to air the comb out for one day before boxing the swarm and when I...
  4. Re: Killing an Africanized hive but preserving the honey

    You could be over thinking the problem, why not set you shop vac to suck up and kill as many of the mean bees as possible, kill the mean queen and combine the brood from the mean hive with the...
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    Re: Relocating Cross Country

    I moved a hive from PA down to Florida during August in an enclosed trailer with no real problems. The hive had the entrance closed up with screening and had a screened top cover strapped to it. The...
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    Re: Urgent? About hive stand w sbb

    For a brand new nuc I would close off the screened bottom board. The SBB is just another way pests like ants can get in the hive, I lost 3 nucs last year because of carpenter ants. The entrance...
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    Re: Ticks-can't take it any longer. What to do/

    Cut the brush down around the hives, ticks will craw up grass and hang waiting to latch onto you as you go by. Tuck your pants into your socks before going out to the hives to keep them off your...
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    Re: How many hives is enough?

    Yea, got a buddy who went from 4 hives to 15 hives in one year, he got a little bit in over his head with equipment costs and swarm control.
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    Re: I lost the ant war

    Got hammered last year by red carpenter ants. Lost 3 nice nucs and had two swarms which I caught abscond on me. They even moved in between the outer cover and inner cover on three of my hives which...
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    Re: How many hives is enough?

    I'm at 6 hives and will have all my equipment in use by the end of the summer. Six is enough for me, any more and it will become work not a hobby using a older hand cranked extractor. It all depends...
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    Re: What Have You Learned This Season?

    I lost three nucs this year to red carpenter ants. They moved into the nucs overnight and destroyed the nucs within 24 hours. This year I learned that even a really strong nuc is no match for an ant...
  12. Thread: Oops Paint.

    by Beeboy01

    Re: Oops Paint.

    Find a quart of dark blue and mix it in for a nice purple color. I don't think the girls would care about pink hives
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    Re: Using plywood for boxes

    I made four Coates nucs using a sheet of CD plywood from Home Depot and was disappointed with the results. After only 2 months the tops started to delaminate and warp then the sides began to come...
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    Re: Fire danger from smoker

    Just scrub the smoker down with a wire brush and hang a new bellows on it and you should be ready to go plus you will have a real good story to tell the newbees in a few years. It's the first time...
  15. Re: Pulling honey supers before dusk for evening extraction...doable?

    I've pulled supers in the afternoon and moved the frames to empty boxes while shaking off the bees. I have also used a natural bee-go to get the bees out of the supers in the afternoon for an evening...
  16. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    I've heard about using dried sumac tops for smoker fuel but have never tried it. The brickets I use are the cheepo type which I light with a propane torch before dropping them in the smoker. I was...
  17. Re: What do you use for smoker fuel? Any tips on keeping it lit?

    Charcoal brickets in the bottom of the smoker with pine needles stuffed in on top. As the smoker keeps burning I pack more pine needles in on top. As long as the brickets keep burning I can keep...
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    Re: Easy 5-frame nuc plans

    I made 4 of them from a sheet of CDX plywood this spring and they worked great. If you are going to use them as swarm traps make the boxes bigger, I had a swarm come and go in one of the boxes I set...
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    Re: Inner cover question...vent hole or not?

    I tried stapling window screen on the vents of the inner covers on my hives last year to help with ventilation. By the end of the summer the bees had covered and closed the screen with propolis. I...
  20. Poll: Re: vote for 9 frame brood box vs 10 frame brood box, nothing to do with supers!

    9 frames in a 10 frame box for me, just seems right and haven't had any problem with bridge comb.
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    Re: Mangrove Flow?

    The cabbage palm is a wet honey, my crop last year had an average water content of 21%. I dried it out with a dehumidifier in a small air tight room. One of the local bee keepers had a nice cropof...
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    Re: What's the Point of a Laying Worker?

    If you have that many drones in a hive with no worker brood the hive is going to die out unless you do something fast. I don't think you can wait till the hive requeens it's self. You have very few...
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    first Swarm of the Year

    Looks like I trapped my first swarm of the year. I baited a 5 frame nuc with swarm lure and three frames of tired comb and hung it in a tree behind my job. Yesterday bees were checking it out but...
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    Re: Bees at your (day job) work?

    I hung a nuc set up as a swarm trap out behind work two weeks ago and just has a medium sized swarm move in over the weekend. I'm screening in the entrance tomorrow morning and moving it to my bee...
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    Re: Cone Swarm Trap - Help

    You might want to place a queen excluder between the hive body and bottom board to keep the queen in the box till she settles down and the swarm draws out some comb. If you have a frame of brood use...
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