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    Bees in the Bear Bait

    Today I went out to check one of my bear baits that is about a 1/4 mile from my hives, and fairly deep into a cedar swamp. There were 3 honey bees inside the hollow log, though I could not figure out...
  2. Re: Turnkey topbar hive for selling to my "students"

    What are your costs, all of them? Gas to go to these properties and provide training etc. What is your time worth per hour? What happens if the bees swarm or die, who bears that cost in your...
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    Re: Advice for Package Bees

    I will not take anything away from having drawn comb/nucs. I just think that it is easier in my area to get packages. Last year I got packages and then ordered queens for a month later. I replaced...
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    Re: Anarchy Apiaries, good read

    He has a couple of really good videos too, I like his style! I also like his queens, but I am still learning a lot so my opinion may be suspect! :)
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    Re: Newbees, Mediums and AFB -- a cautionary tale

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    Re: TBH comb questions

    9 or 10 bars of comb might be too few for our winter. Les Crowder leaves 12 in New Mexico, though I do not know what altitude he is at. I am planning on a minimum of 15 combs for each hive, though I...
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    Re: TBH comb questions

    My honey band touches in some spots, I do not think that it is a big deal, you can feel when the bees are no longer stuck between the honey bands, just like you can see them when they are clear, in...
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    Re: bees and maple trees

    According to one of the Maple Syrup books that I read before making my own syrup. Maples also have a fall sap flow that can be tapped though it is of a less quality and volume than the spring flow....
  9. Re: Starting to think beekeepers are cheap. lol

    You are just starting to figure that out, you have a long way to go in this hobby! LOL I prefer thrifty, but I can work with cheap as well!
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    Re: How SWEET is the Mix?

    None of the above it would not be a ratio, it would just be sugar on top of your hive.
  11. Thread: Regression.

    by Duncan151

    Re: Regression.

    This year I bought 4 packages from an advertised small cell bee supplier, and 3 packages from a large commercial operation through our bee club. All of the small cell bees were put in foundationless...
  12. Re: Is this TBH too small for backyard? Realistic to have just 1-2 hives?

    I think that they are too narrow and too short. 16 to 20 inch bars and around 4 feet long is more common, though there are plenty of exceptions. You can never have too many hives! LOL
    There are ways...
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    Re: Following board size

    As long as the bees cannot get past it, it is all good, mine are flush with the tops of my top bars, but I only use them to dived a few hives in half. I do not use them as true follower boards.
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    Re: Top Bar Langstroth Frankenstein?

    You can also make a tool, by putting two 90 degree bends in a piece of brazing rod. The distance between the two bends must be longer than your boxes are deep. Make one bend long enough to fit your...
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    Re: What do you think about this book?

    I could not agree more, check out the book from the library, then you can read it and decide if it is something that you want in your permanent library!
  16. Re: Stupid question: how many beekeepers are scared of bees?

    I got popped in the nose this spring, so I now wear my veil 95% of the time. The problem is that I am now more worried about getting stung than I should be. I do not find getting stung to be all that...
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    Re: I have a problem

    I have had good luck picking the bees out of the mess with tweezers, the ones still kicking can be dumped on top of a hive and will more than likely make it. Be careful when you are picking over the...
  18. Re: Golden Goddess Honey says hello from Wisconsin!

    Welcome, have you looked into or joined the Brown County beekeepers association? Also UWGB is starting a beekeeping club this fall, they received the approval for the club, and their bees, just as...
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    Re: Closed to the public?

    In todays food world there is a lot to be said for transparency. Too much food production is locked away from the public view as it is.
  20. Re: Local absence and local extinction, a confounding factor in TF prescriptions

    JWC, How, and why are you the appointed guardian of these people with catastrophic failures? Why do we never see these catastrophic reports posted here on Bee Source?
  21. Re: Local absence and local extinction, a confounding factor in TF prescriptions

    JWC, why would Michael Bush owe you, or anyone else, a verification? You are free to take his advice or not, use it or not, and modify it to fit your needs as you see fit.
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    Re: Close up a hive during backyard party?

    Barry, I have had a much different experience with honeybees and pop. Last year I was having a shell of a house built, and I could not keep the guys on the construction crew from leaving half empty...
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    Re: Did you stick with top bar?

    I did the math, 1 1/4 bars cost be 14 cents each, and 1 1/2 bars cost me 18 cents each.
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    Re: Did you stick with top bar?

    I started with TBs, second year now, and am planning on building more. They work for me, if I find a reason to try a lang, I will do that as well. I do get to play with a lang here and there with my...
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    Re: Tell me all about white clover

    I planted my entire lawn in white clover. I think grass is a waste of time and energy. When it is done blooming I mow it, it then blooms a little bit more, and the deer prefer the newer clover for...
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