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    Re: I would like to be a commercial beek

    Well, to me commercial means the guys running 1000+ down in the almonds in California. But it's sounding like what you're aiming for is more like 50-100 across different locations, which is what I...
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    Re: For those who use a hot knife...

    I will free hand it, I keep a slight angle on it like you would with a wood plane. I'm not too concerned about chopping too deep though because my melter will separate out all the honey.
  3. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    It depends, you won't ever make money just beekeeping. But if you extract, pack, repack, deal with your propolis and your wax, market, and retail there are some opportunities out there. Probably not...
  4. Re: Would you risk buying these supplies? Can mites wipe out this many colonies?

    Take a look at it, look for scale and smell the wax. Mites could do it, you can lose those kind of numbers just with a bad winter as well.
  5. Re: Removing bees out of honey supers(large scale)?

    Generally I leave the bottom 3 boxes on for winter so I just smoke them down. used "acid boards" once, but I didn't care for that at all. If they really don't want to leave I will brush them off the...
  6. Re: How do some guys go without any kind of protective gear what so ever?

    I wouldn't do it. The guys that do must have much gentler bees than mine though, lol. I also think it's a matter of ego. I've been keeping bees for 14 years, my grandfather had kept them for over 50,...
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    Re: Working naked!!!???

    I usually suit up. My bees vary greatly though. I have one yard that I'm pretty sure I could do in swim trunks and then again I have one where they'll try and tear my face off, often getting up...
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    Re: Honey supers from last season?

    As long as you've got no foul brood, it should be fine to feed it back to the bees. and it's better feed than syrup anyway.
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    Re: Dumbest thing you ever bought for beekeeping?

    I didn't buy them, but I have this stack of boards for double queening. Basically they are useless to me.
  10. Thread: Stung by a bee

    by GregP

    Re: Stung by a bee

    For me it depends on how fast I manage to scratch the stinger out of my skin. Sometimes I'll accidentally squeeze a bee and those are usually the worst. If it gets to swelling I'll put some ice on it...
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    Re: How often do you inspect?

    As far as books go, be sure to pick up the latest edition of "The ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture" if you haven't already. By far the most useful books I have on the subject of beekeeping.
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    Re: How often do you inspect?

    I inspect all my yards about every other week. But I don't really pull many frames and such after I've done my initial inspections unless I suspect a problem.
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    Re: Queen Flew Away on Install

    I'm not sure what more you can do at this point (I'm sure there are some others on here more knowledgable about that sort of thing.) But as far as prevention for this sort of thing in the future,...
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    Re: wont this work for a veil?

    It seems like it would really depend on if you actually need a veil or not. Or if it's just a precaution. My bees seem to vary, some I can do without any veil at all, others want to tear me apart at...
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    Re: 8 frame vs 10 frame: and....go!

    I use 10 frame boxes with 9 frames in them spaced evenly. It's enough room to root around in there without disturbing the bees too much but not enough for them to make a bunch of bur comb down the...
  16. Re: Received conflicting advice on going treatment free

    I'm not so sure anymore, I treat all my colonies for mites. The ones closer into me wintered far better than the ones further east. Which tells me this winters loses had more to do with location than...
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    Re: Don't wait to long on removing the queen cage

    I do, I will spray down the queen with some sugar water first before peeling off the screen though so that she can't fly away when I do it.
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    Re: Are these queen Cells?

    Cups on the bottom of the frame like that I will typically crush or slash with my hive tool. Seems to prevent swarming.
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    Re: They should blame themselves FIRST

    The bur could probably stand to be scraped off the tops of the frames, but other than that I don't really see anything exceptionally wrong with those frames. The first thing I noticed actually was...
  20. Re: New beekeeper interested in chemical free treatment

    I remember years ago, my grandfather used to melt menthol cough drops and mix them into sugar syrup and candy boards. That worked for quite awhile just fine until the CCD started really happening and...
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    Hello from Eastern Washington.

    Hi guys and gals. I'm Greg from Spokane WA. I've been keeping bees with my grandfather for 13+ years, but with his recent passing I have acquired his honey production business. I feel as if he set me...
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