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    Re: Colony update here in Pa

    Hi. Everyone. It's nice to see a thread of Pa beekeepers. I live near Johnstown and we have also had probably the most mild winter I can remember. I had 4 out of 5 hives make it through the winter....
  2. Supplemental Feeding in the Winter that Never Was

    Hi. Just looking for some opinions and feedback from some individuals more experienced than myself. I live in south western Pennsylvania and this has been one of the mildest winters and least in...
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    Spoiled sugar syrup

    Just curious how long it takes 2 to 1 sugar syrup to start to go bad. I made a batch several weekscago and never put it on the hives because the weather was still good. I wa wondering if it was stil...
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    Nectar Dearth - No Honey in Hives

    This is my 4th year with bees and I've never encountered this situation before. I have 6 hives in two separate apiaries. I checked my hives today and this was the first year where at this point there...
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    Removing Bees from Under Soffit

    Hi. I've collected swarms before and even removed a colony built into the kitchen ceiling of an old abandoned farmhouse, but a neighbor has a colony that has built into the soffict/fascia. It's been...
  6. Leftover Honey from Collapsed Hive

    Hi. I was able to go out and check my hives last Friday since it was close to 60 degrees and found that 1 of my 5 hives was completely dead. I think it was due to some type of humidity/moisture...
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    Honey Comb from Dead Hive

    Hi. I was able to go out and check my hives last Friday since it was close to 60 degrees and found that 1 of my 5 hives was completely dead. I think it was due to some type of humidity/moisture...
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    Winter Behavior

    Hi. I just came in from outside and happened to walk past my hives. It's about 40 degress outside here in Southwestern PA and some of my bees were out on what I assume to be cleansing flights....
  9. Too Late to Build Comb (Foundationless)

    I went foundationless this year and am glad, but am wondering how late in the season the bees will still build comb. It seems like they have slowed down within the past 3 weeks even though we have a...
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    Fall Splits/Management

    Hi. I am wondering if anyone out there has split thriving colonies in the fall/end of summer in terms of management to produce more colonies for the next season.

    I have 4 thriving hives that I am...
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    Brood Disease

    Hi. I checked my hives yesterday and found a small problem/disease in one of my strongest hives with the brood. The brood pattern is not spotty, but I have noticed scattered, various dead brood of...
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    Why'd My Swarm Fly the Coop?

    I captured a swarm yesterday morning. It was very calm and I got the entire body except for maybe a small cluster of 100. I put them in a hive with a mouse guard with duct tape over it and the...
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    Sacbrood vs. Foulbroods

    I have a hive that came through winter weak and I noticed several cells with dead larva and pupa. It seems like the larva are being affected once they are capped. There is no smell. The cappings are...
  14. Re: Bees w/ Unknown Problem Maybe Disease

    Look at descriptions and pictures on the internet I think the disease might be sacbrood because the dead larva/pupa are watery, not stringy and ropey. Are they any other ways I can identify between...
  15. Re: Bees w/ Unknown Problem Maybe Disease

    Some of the brood were capped some weren't. The cells that were capped don't look sunken in, the majority of the cells that were affected were scattered across the upper middle of the frame. The hive...
  16. Bees w/ Unknown Problem Maybe Disease

    Hi. This is my 3rd year with bees and so far I haven't encountered anything other than very minor problems with mites. However, I have one hive that came through winter very weak. Almost didn't make...
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    Split or Not Decision - Help

    Hi. I'm happy to say my bees are doing great this year, plus our black locust just came into bloom the past 2 days and I see we're going to have great weather this week looking forward to a good...
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    Larva age to Queens

    How old can larva be before it is to late for them to be turned in to queens. I've read 3 days. If this is so what are the distinguishing characteristics of 3 day old larva? Size, appearance, etc..
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    Split Problem-Need a NWC Queen

    I had a hive of NWC come out of out winter really strong with a very high population. The weather here in SW Pennsylvania has been very warm lately and continues to look that way. I was able to check...
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    Re: Pledge to be a BSA Beekeeping Mentor

    I pledge that I will be a BSA beekeeping mentor if they reinstate the merit badge.
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    Foundationless Beekeeping

    Anyone out there try foundationless beekeeping? Do you use a starter stip of foundation or other type of comb guide?

    I would like to try it this year and am looking for advice as to what is the...
  22. How Warm Does It Have to Be to Start Feed Sugar Syrup?

    How warm does it have to be to start feeding sugar syrup? I have a colony that blew over this winter is on low stores and what I suspect to have nosema. So I want to feed syrup with fumagilin to it...
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    Bee Diarrhea

    I think one of my hives has a problem. I noticed that it has been covered with bee poop on days it has been warm enough for cleansing flights. Not just a little, a lot. I have 4 other hives that are...
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    First Mouse Moved In

    Checked my hives yesterday and had 3 mice moved in to the bottom box. They ate through half the foundation to build there nest. I removed the box and reinstalled the mouseguard.

    Should I destroy...
  25. Paperwork - Keeping Hives on Other Property

    Anyone know of any online sources of printable documents that are essentially agreements between beekeeper and a landowner allowing hives on the property, etc...
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