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  1. Re: Swarm Capture like you've probably never seen before! Can't do this in the city..

    My main business is Class 3 firearms wholesaler, so I've got the kit to make that shot (w/IR laser, but I'd prefer to do it w/thermals)!

    That was a great video - thanks for sharing! :)
  2. Re: This is what one bee sting to the nose looks like.

    That sucks!

    I've been stung on the nose twice and both times it was the worst sting experience by far (one of 'em in particular was just like getting punched in the nose).
  3. Monsanto working on RNA interference to battle Varroa
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    Re: Bee sting

    That works! I got lit up last year when I hopped into our Polaris Ranger and didn't notice a wasp nest on the roof right behind my shoulder. 2 or 3 wasps got me right above my shoulder blade (bee...
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    Re: Is is too late to obtain bees?

    My thoughts as well. I'm a total noob, but one experience I had last year:

    We had a package of bees that did not do well in shipment at all (probably 60-70% of the bees were dead when they...
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    Re: Oak tree honey?

    I'm new to beekeeping and have all of our hives located on our 600+ acre ranch in S.E. OK.

    Since our ranch is a "hunting" ranch, we're very tuned in to the mast producing trees (oaks, persimmon,...
  7. Re: bee sting she really got me good this time...

    This is a great thread!

    I've been popped a few times, but never swelled like the picture. If it ever swell like that, I'll probably be a lot calmer after reading about all of the beeks that...
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    Re: what NOT to do when you get stung

    Actually, that's a pretty good trick to take your mind off of the bee sting! :)
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    Noob in Edmond, Oklahoma

    We got our first two hives and package bees last year and set them up on our 600 acre ranch in S.E. Oklahoma.

    Added three more hives/colonies this year and captured a swarm last week.

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