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    Re: Workers in Queen Cage

    I use 6 or 7
  2. Re: Drone yard importance in reguards to genetic diversity

    Italians, Carniolan VSH, and Italian x Carniolan cross. Italians are Latshaw breeders and that's probably what I will be using most of the season with a batch here and there of something different.
  3. Re: Drone yard importance in reguards to genetic diversity

    All of our mother queens are II breeders and the drone yards are a huge mix of genetics from previous years breeders and other queen rearers having the same goals as myself. I am constantly testing...
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    Re: Buying nucs

    I never had any complaints of smashed queens but I thought it was an extra step worth doing. :thumbsup:
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    Re: Buying nucs

    I sell nucs here in Ohio. I install the frames in the customers box. This gives the customer time to ask me questions (usually they are new beekeepers), show them the queen, and for them to see the...
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    Re: Timing for Splits

    There is a lot of variable to consider such as,
    1. Were the bees pushed with some sort of stimulative feeding via pollen sub and syrup
    2. Variety of bees
    3. Amount of early spring heat.

  7. Re: How much solar gain can you expect from tar paper?

    I agree! Test it yourself with your variables and make decision, something as little as an entrance reducer removed can effect the results.
  8. Re: How much solar gain can you expect from tar paper?

    I overwinter in several configurations. Even on cloudy days Im seeing temp increases. On a average year I would say wrapping wouldn't make a difference, but this year with extended temps below...
  9. Re: How much solar gain can you expect from tar paper?

    Outdoor weather thermometer. They have been tested to be within 1 degree of each other. Temps are taken approximately 1 inch from inner cover.*
  10. Re: How much solar gain can you expect from tar paper?

    Currently 60% of my production colonies and nucs are wrapped with paper. After spending an entire day wrapping hives I wondered is this really worth it. So I set up two hives in my backyard testing...
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    Re: Quick video of pollen , Feb, 22

    Nice! Our buds are swelling.
  12. Re: Does Box Color have an impact on traps?

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    Re: Polishing JZBZ cups

    I have dipped them in melted wax (cell hole down), put them in the hive to be polished by the bees, used them right out of the bag, and have just ripped the old remaining queen cell off and have...
  14. Re: Drone yard importance in reguards to genetic diversity

    I have three mating yards (one for each week of caging on a three week cycle). Each mating yard has 6 to 10 production colonies and the mating yards are centrally located in the middle of production...
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    Re: Queen castle vs mini mating nucs

    I started out using 5 frame deep nucs and still will use a few hundred for overwintering nucs. After testing 1/2 frame mediums last year I am moving more towards those. They are easier to stock and...
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    Re: When to sell?

    I sell queens I would use myself. Genetics play a big factor but the way a queen is raised and fed is also important. Get your system down and start selling.
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    Re: Is 58 warm enough to inspect?

    I will take the lid off a hive when it's 10 degrees to feed them. To inspect them you can tell a lot by looking at the top or bottom of the frames. Brood, amount of honey, and colony strength can all...
  18. Re: What is the easiest way to # Queens

    We use a combination of colored push pins and multiple mating yards. Example would be, every blue push pin in the lid of mating nucs in mating yard XYZ is from breeder queen number 46. When you mark...
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    Re: newbee from central ohio

    Good to see another Ohioan on the forum!
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    Re: But where do you PUT them all...?

    I knock on their door and ask them. Most are people I already know but you'd be surprised what people will let you do for a jar of honey!
  21. Re: Advantages I Have Had With Screened Bottom Boards (SBB's)

    I run about 50/50 screened and solids on a couple hundred colonies. I find that screened bottom boards provide extra ventilation in the summer and less build up of hive debris. On the flip I have...
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    Re: Mike Palmer Nuc setup.

    As Michael Palmer says, it's not the box that's important it's what's in the box. So use what equipment suits your particular situation.

    Here are pictures from two of my nuc yards with the way I...
  23. Re: Carbolineum wood treatment ad in Bee Culture

    Thanks, I found that and read it already. The data given is from 1984. According to the Carbolineum website "In Carbolineum IV, we've taken out the penta and arsenicals while modifying the formula...
  24. Carbolineum wood treatment ad in Bee Culture

    Anyone used this stuff on bottom boards?
  25. Re: Thoughts on approaching landowners for outyard

    I couldn't agree more. I have yards lined up without enough bees to put on them. People find out you keep bees and start calling. Try craigslist or just drive down the road and start knocking on...
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