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    Re: Unassembled deep hive bodies

    PM me if still interested. I am in Chapel Hill, NC and can custom make what you want. Actually I don't use the hand holds. I usually put a 1"x2"x15.5" handles across the front and back, but we...
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    Re: 10 frame dadant deeps

    IDK if you are still looking? If so PM me. I am currently building pine hive bodies and med supers trying to sell and have access to some 14" pine boards that I could make your larger deeps with. ...
  3. Re: First Inspection of the Year in North Carolina...

    Have you seen the forecast for this week? I mean, I am not telling the Farmers Almanac it was wrong about February until March 1st but this weather is nuts. Anyway I left some empty supers on my...
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