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  1. Re: Are drone bees fertile right after hatching?

    Drones producing semen approx 20 - 22 days after hatching. The best quality of semen have drones the first 12 days. After 12 days, the quality goes down and rapidly. If you like to rays queens, there...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid question

    Spraying OA is a good way to kill the beekeeper too. There is the highest concentration of acid in the air.
    Tell your neighbor to stay inside when you spray, if your hives are in the city.
    You can...
  3. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers
    Here you will find the answer.
  4. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers

    So far, no answer about MRL on OA and thymol from the smart guys on this news group. Everybody talks how danger it is to use and the danger of the residue in honey. Where do you have your knowledge...
  5. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers

    Questions on all.

    As OA is an natural ingredient in honey, what is the MRL of OA in honey? If bees bring already an overdose OA from some plants in the hive, who can proof it is from the bees and...
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    Re: Any problems with your commercial vaporizor?

    I would not use a copper pan to heat OA. There is a chemical reaction with copper and you will get poison in your hive and honey.

    If you heat up OA in a pipe, make it very slow with your torch. To...
  7. Thread: Essential Oils

    by Axtmann

    Re: Essential Oils

    Thymol is an essential oil and you can't solve it or mix it in syrup It always floats on top. Last year, got an ready to use Thymol powder, from our distributor, with something in it and it mix even...
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    Re: Spring OAV treatment in NorCal?

    Believe it or not, you should not give an advice using OAV in spring. It's not a good idea, except if you are selling the vaporizer. The beginners think every is OK after the treatment, but most of...
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    Re: Apivar: low results

    The guy was steady filling in thymol after he find so many mites. I think, he used thymol crystal and who knows how old the crystals are. Thymol should not be older than approx. 3 years, and the best...
  10. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporizer Results - Users post here!

    You might check this, it give you the answer. There is no MRL on oxalic acid in honey.
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    Re: Different Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

    Why should I banned from here and I don't know, why you are so upset? I clearly said "without the bar on the handle". If you call this a stabiliser it is fine. I'm not clearly favours German product,...
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    Different Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

    Different Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

    Recirculation-Vaporizer = from Germany, result very good but to slow and too complicated for a big bee yard. Works like the Oxamat vaporizer. ...
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    Re: Varroa mite counts / oxalic acid vapor

    [QUOTE=knute;1142590]Thanks for the responses, but you're preaching to the choir. :-) I'm a fan of OAV, but very interested in actual numbers on mite kill when used while there is capped brood... ...
  14. Re: Varroa treatment for single deeps, nucs and TBH

    I even treat my 5 frame splits without a problem to the bees. I use thymol strips, they from Kanada or US and I cut them in half for a 5 frame box. Normal the trips should be placed on top of the...
  15. Re: Why are beekeepers not all using vaporized oxalic acid to treat varroa mites?

    I think you guys make your own problems with all the back and for, filling up pages after pages. If you get your honey tested from the government and they find OA in you honey, how can they prove...
  16. Re: synthesizing thyme and sugar for controlling varroa mites

    The manufacturer is also selling the elektrik vaporizer JB 200
  17. Re: synthesizing thyme and sugar for controlling varroa mites

    Strange, beekeepers in the US try to find something out that already exist? Since last year I buy from a distributor here a thymol product especially for a mix into the syrup. This powder comes from...
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    Re: Mold inside inner cover and top of frames

    You can staple a half thymol strip to the right and left wall in your hive. The fumes will kill the mold spores and the same time it also kills the mites, even in closed cells. If you put thymol in...
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    Re: Varroa control explanation please

    No, the female mites can live in the hive (on the bees) for several month. As soon as the colony starts breeding, the mites starts breeding too.
    Maximal 2 young mites coming with her mother out of a...
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    Re: OK to treat nuc for varroa?

    I treat all my nucs with thymol strips. One time, a half thymol strip on the bottom of the nucs with an thumbtack so the bees can't remove it. Works great, have never seen any mites in my nucs, the...
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    Re: Possible Mite Control?

    What's happen if I have 2000 of this bugs in my hive and they eat all mites in a few days, do you think they will go outside in the soil to survive and come back to check for more mites? It says,...
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    Re: Why not use Oxalic Acid?

    Duncan Thacker
    You are right, don't use OA in you hives. But you should also know, OA is a natural ingredient in honey. For this reason there in no MRL on OA. If you allergic to OA don't eat your...
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    Re: Another Propane Fogger Oxalic Acid Idea

    snl .... your research say that it kills BOTH trachea and varroa mites. Where did you get this from? There is not even a single vaporizer on the market that kills tracheal mites.
    Evaporated OA is an...
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    Re: Another Propane Fogger Oxalic Acid Idea


    Dribbling and evaporation are two total different ways.

    When you dribble the acid on the bees, they have to clean each other and the acid-sugar solution ends up in there stomach. This...
  25. Re: Hive in trouble.. Oxalic application questions

    Snl your selling vaporizers, I think without knowing anything about OA.
    A beekeeper can treat colonies any time without a problem, OA is a natural ingredient in honey even in untreated colonies....
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