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    Re: swarm control methods

    There is an old beekeeper in one of the bee clubs I attend that says what he did in that situation when he was running three yards with 25 hives each and found a hive that had swarms cells already...
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    Re: Accidental Beehive

    I think MBush puts dry sugar on the floor of his hives to feed if they need feed you might try that. It is probably to cool in Tn to feed syrup right now and it is to cool to move them into a nuc. As...
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    Re: Help me find the queen

    I wouldn't waste the drawn comb unless you have a reason to think they have a disease like AFB. And a package will build up pretty good on the drawn comb. If the hive doesn't make it the cold will...
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    Re: Is this what robbing looks like

    Just enjoying the sunny day looks like to me.
  5. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    Thanks Oldtimer for your reply. Good stuff.
  6. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    I am under the impression that Oldtimer makes his splits before the bees start swarm cells. Hope he will explain.
  7. Re: Marin Bee Survey: Hobby keepers - a net population sink

    Oldtimer. How early is earlyish compared to the "normal swarm season" and do you move the queen with the nuc or leave her in the big hive? Am I correct in assuming you let one or the other make a...
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    Re: First time making a split

    To answer your question yes you can use your three hives to make a nuc. Take a frame of brood out of each hive and a frame of honey out of one a frame of pollen from one all with the bees that are on...
  9. Re: Bees and Skunks: what is fact and what is folklore?

    I think this thread is pretty funny. Everybody wants to kill the skunks for eating some bees, but a guy a little while back had a redbird eating bees off his landing board and a lot of people were...
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    Re: Medium on top of Deep Brood Chamber

    Eight frame mediums work pretty good. Just hope you need to stack em high.
  11. Re: Do you let bees draw out the frames or do you use wax foundation?

    I extracted 414 medium frames in a 20 frame radial most were foundationless no issues.
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    Re: Swarm management in urban hives

    Read George Imirie's Pink Pages on swarm management. Just to add another idea.
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    Re: walt wright's checkerboarding

    I have been using Walt Wright's nectar manage system {checker boarding] on twenty to twenty five hives for three years with good success after attending a talk by Mr. Wright. The subject was of...
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    Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    So you have mice at your house. You don't even have to eat at a restaurant to be exposed to mice. I would not eat the honey. I would not have taken it. I would have left it for the bees. My point was...
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    Re: Bees have left the hive

    I understand what you are saying. I am mostly treatment free and I basicly keep bees like MBush teaches. But it is hard to take bees out of a vmite protected environment and expect to be able to...
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    Re: Mouse invader/what to do with honey?

    I would bet you have many times and was lucky that you didn't know it. Do you really think people in packing houses and restaurants throw away food because of a few mouse turds?
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    Re: Management Strategy Impasse

    I have had better luck when splitting hives after the flow to split every hive in the yard and equalize the nucs so one will not think it can take advantage of the rest. Or move the nucs to a yard to...
  18. Re: Pros and cons on Sharing a bee yard with another beekeeper

    You can see how beekeepers on this site almost never agree so sharing a yard with someone you don't know very well probably won't work in the long haul. Save yourself the future problem.
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    Re: Bees not consuming pollen patties

    I didn't know bees liked milk and eggs. :) I never see them in my hen house or around my cows. :popcorn: But we usually have some pollen source on any day bees can fly in middle TN.
  20. Re: Q: Why not use historic photos as evidence in the cell size debate

    Lauri, people in old pictures almost never smiled. My wife has a lot of old family pictures she has collected and the people are almost always dressed well for their time and never smile.
  21. Re: Does oxalic acid vaporization work better at cooler temps?

    Are you saying you think the treatment is causing the mites?
  22. Re: What to do with partial frames of nectar/syrup

    option five gets my vote
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    Re: Bees making an entrance

    I have one doing the samething. They chewed it big enough to get in and out. I have had them chew the corners out and use it for an entrance. Most time they will proprolize the extra holes up before...
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    Re: A good package is hard to find...

    Try to contact Kent Williams in Ky. He can probably help you out. I don't have a contact number for him but I have bought queens from him through a friend. I think his Ky. operations are mostly...
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    Re: Comb honey and foundation

    I don't do a whole lot of comb honey but the little bit I do I just use starter strips. But I don't put them between foundation. I put a super with strips on with a frame of capped honey in the...
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