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  1. Re: Idea to raise multiple queens in one nuc

    I have read some places that say they can and then other places that definitively say they cannot. I guess I will find out. I just had a nuc with 3 virgin queens running around. I guess sometimes...
  2. Idea to raise multiple queens in one nuc

    Here is something I am experimenting with this year. My topbar hives make multiple queen cells and they are usually on separate bars. I don't always have the "bee resources" to make up separate...
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    Re: Starting a colony

    yes you can. Reduce the hive size with the division boards so they only have about 10 bars to work with at first. Add the queen and shake in as many nurse bees as you can. (more than 4 frames would...
  4. Re: "Thinking Beekeeper" center entrance/bars plan vs front

    So can you remove the bars, or are they all "glued" together?
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    Re: SHB's aka Small Hive Beetles

    I have been using diatomaceous earth on my IPM board underneath my screened bottom boards. (I run all topbar hives). Beetles get driven down in the dust and die. The larvae also fall into the dust...
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    Re: Size of new virgin queen

    Opened up my purple hive last night to check on the queen cells. (only has 5 bars) Found 3 queens, 2 that were recently hatched last week. Did not know that they hatched because the cells were...
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    Re: Package Bummer

    any chance they moved over to the other hives?
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    Re: pollen traps on

    I put my yellow plastic one on this weekend in Va. Main flow is getting ready to start. The girls do have a way to bypass the trap, and it appears that most of them do as it is only collecting a...
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    Re: Herbal Water Spray

    If my bees ever become aggressive, I will be re-queening them. (they actually get re-queened yearly for mite control), but I am running all topbar hives and I have never used this on Lang hives, as I...
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    Re: First timer from Virginia

    Welcome! have you joined/visited one of the 6 clubs in the area? or is it the south-western part of VA that you are in?
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    Re: Local flow begins?

    Yeah, like 10 different answers from the 8 people you ask. One bee club member says it's when the clover start to bloom. Another says when the tulip poplar blooms, another says 4 weeks after the...
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    Re: Herbal Water Spray

    Thanks Ruth. Typically oil wouldn't mix with water. Do you use any dispersant?[/QUOTE]

    no. It's only a few drops and going through the spray bottle nozzle it mixes just fine. I also use it in my...
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    Re: Herbal Water Spray

    I use anise oil in my water bottle sprayer instead of a smoker. A few drops per quart. It masks their pheromone smells so they don't communicate "danger". The state bee inspector was pretty...
  14. Re: I can't believe the cost of nucs this year!

    Roberto, what do you think is a fair price for a 3 frame nuc? how about a 5 frame nuc? And what about a 5 frame overwintered nuc? We've been having this discussion in our bee club as to what is a...
  15. Re: Am I allergic to my gloves or to bees?

    Maybe it's an allergy to the goat skin leather gloves, although if it's with nitrile gloves, maybe some other synthetic material. Have you tried the regular gardening gloves to work outdoors? do...
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    Re: What I learned this weekend

    Justin, quick go back outside and grab those 2 queens. They will NOT walk back to their correct hives and it would be a shame to loose them. Put them in separate queen cages if you have them from...
  17. Re: dud queen found this spring, what do you think?

    could be she is an intercaste queen. I have photos of them and they have the shorter abdomen
  18. Re: Any studies on multiple controls for Varroa

    I run all my topbar hives with a closed screened bottom board. The first year, I used the oil on the IPM board. I didn't care for the hydrocarbon smell next to the beehive. Then I switched to...
  19. Re: Just added a frame of eggs/brood, to a queenless hive, now what?

    you can pretty much count on 30 days until you see new eggs. You may want to peak in the hive in 3-5 days just to verify that the queen cells are started. And if they look puny, you may want to...
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    Re: TBH Questions

    There are no dumb questions.

    For a newbee, I like to recommend Christie Hemenways' book The Thinking Beekeeper, as it gives the basics of keeping a topbar hive. I own a few more, but that one...
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    Re: How to prevent secondary swarm?

    sounds to me like you need a few bait hives on your property, Lydia. How big is your topbar hive? Do they have any room to grow? Anything less than 4 ft long and you will struggle with swarmy bees.
  22. Re: Price to charge for one or two drawn frames with Queen? / Queens Castle

    Isn't the current theory that the queenless hive will accept the new queen better if she has open brood? I think that is why they are selling the frame of brood. The buyer would still need some...
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    Re: Need to get the girls in the air

    Morning glory. Moonflower. Hyacinth bean (bees love it). Scarlet runner bean (I hear bees like it) All of these are annual vines
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    Queen introduction cage/bar for TBH

    I didn't have very good luck last year when I tried a queen introduction with a push-in cage on my topbar hive. The bees managed to chew away the wax and kill the queen. So I built this based on...
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    Re: Freeze the Honey Comb before Sale

    The freezing will kill any eggs of wax moth or small hive beetles so that they don't hatch out into larvae. What it won't do is prevent hatched larvae from already being in the comb. A strong...
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