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  1. Re: Conflicting reports: does scouting begin pre-swarm of after the swarm has issued?

    Don't know myself, but the swarm traps are out a month early just in case. I have not noticed anyone coming and going except a few ants.
  2. Re: Heads up! Plastic jars no longer sqeezable after heating.

    I think you guys got away from how the customer is to deal with the new plastic and went to how the beekeeper will deal with the new plastic. Beekeeper will figure it out but the customer might be...
  3. Re: Anyone use the wooden wicks for beeswax candles?

    I put a wood wick from Hobby Lobby in a 8 oz jar with 100% beeswax like Bee Bliss did. The candle burned OK. I had to keep trimming the wick to keep the flame from getting big and smoking. The jar...
  4. Re: Where can you find screening for bottom boards ?

    I would not pay shipping for this. I got mine at the local hardware store, Home Depot or Lowes
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    Re: Extracting Natural Comb

    I'm trying to get my comb to be old and hard so I extracted the new soft stuff. All the frames bowed and cracked apart in the middle even though I went slow. It was 100 degrees here today and I...
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    Re: Extracting Natural Comb

    I'm not really sure here, but I am going to try and extract my foundationless frames here in a few hours. We just have one super to extract today. My plan is just to go slow. I will post damage...
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    Re: Trouble with Smoker

    I use splinters of cedar to get the smoker hot. Cedar boards are cut into 3-4 inch long pieces and then spit apart little pieces with an axe. The little dry pieces can be easily lit with a lighter....
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    Re: bending jig for top covers?

    I believe Whixen was talking about making a bar folder. You could make one out of metal or wood. Just something with a slit in it as deep as the bend is from the edge of the metal. Or you could buy...
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    Re: Average age of a beekeeper

    38 years on me. 2 years keeping a couple hives. You people seem to imply that I am not a young beekeeper.
    Can't say it was something I would have gotten into during the last couple of decades of...
  10. Re: Does the size or absence of a beard indicate health of hive

    My screened bottom board hives don't beard and my one with a solid bottom board beards quite a bit. One of these days I'm going to put a little ventilation in the one with a solid bottom. Just has...
  11. Re: Hive Body Size Shallow, Medium, Deep? 8/10?

    I found it was more work to go through 3 mediums than it was to go through two deeps. looking at 30 frames and prying apart so many extra boxes. Been thinking about the eight frame thing though.
  12. Thread: Water Source

    by Alexander

    Just today I put a little condensate pump like...

    Just today I put a little condensate pump like the ones used for air conditioners next to my new dehumidifier and ran the condensate out to where a normally wet spot is in the spring with 3/8"...
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    I'm planing on doing the same thing. From the...

    I'm planing on doing the same thing. From the search I did there was a couple of threads which seemed to point towards putting a package in one ten frame medium. Still haven't dug up much more than...
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