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    Re: Frame filling "machine" update

    If you didn't diddle, fiddle, tinker and twiddle , how on earth would anything get accomplished !! Thanks Howard !!
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    Re: Cloake Board Question

    Tim, when you first set up your cloak board did you turn the hive back around after you closed the hive? I was in the process of doing this when a neighbor had way to many queen cells that i could...
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    Re: FREE SHIPPING on all 3100's

    I have to agree about the quality of the Maxant products. I have the 3100LP and it's a no- brainer. The new stand is rock solid. After I sold enough honey I invested in the Maxant 16gal bottling...
  4. Re: 9-Frame Radial Extractor from Brushy Mtn

    I had the problem with the wobble also with my 3100p Maxant my first year too. Had to drill lag bolts in the concrete to keep it stable, but now with the revised stand it's stable.
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    Walter Kelly Wax Melter

    I have an old Kelly wax melter that I acquired (15gal) and have preceded to dump all my excess wax that I have been storing a while. I've drained off 3 or 4 gallons of honey to feed back to my bee's....
  6. Re: 9-Frame Radial Extractor from Brushy Mtn

    I had been using a makeshift extractor with a couple of fellow beekeepers over the years and decided on the 9 frame radial from maxant w/ motor. The new modified stand is very sturdy and I have had...
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    Re: possible to overfeed in fall?

    Ask members of your local bee club to get a feel for your area. Best bet is to inspect your hives during the feeding process until you can gauge how effective it is. Depending on the amount of hives,...
  8. Re: Wintering question - left extracted supers on too long

    Mike, I've had the same issues and had success two ways. First, take the excluder off and place the supers on top of the inner cover, check back in a couple days and the girls should have it bone dry...
  9. Re: Possibly Coming Back to the Business, Need Advice

    what part of the carolina's ?
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    new to the board here,wooooooooo, but would like...

    new to the board here,wooooooooo, but would like your thoughts on the stickey board to check for mites. what works best for yall and how often do you feel the need to do it. and what type of counts...
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