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  1. Re: Illinois State Beekeepers Assn - Jim Belli No Confidence

    Not to hijack the thread, but I belong to the St. Louis bee club referenced.
    They DO hold some meetings in a Monsanto auditorium, which is located directly across the road from the club's apiary.
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    Re: 21st century beekeeping snake oil

    I get this from newer (or new age) beekeepers all the time:
    Beek: "My bees died and I don't know why"
    Me: "What was your mite count?"
    Beek: "I don't know" (or "I don't test", or some variation...
  3. Thread: Theme Hives

    by rlsiv

    Re: Theme Hives

    Mine are all painted to look like snow...
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    Re: Wife's out of town, and I really messed up.

    Uh oh.

    You own any hair clippers?

    How long you been married? I'm in 26 years, so kind of committed. Might not be too late for you to start fresh though.
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    Re: Gathering Info on what fair prices for bee nucs

    $80 is WAAAY below market price (here in the midwest at least), and you haven't accounted for all of your "costs" going into your nucs - as others have pointed out below. We sold 200 this spring at...
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    Re: Weird! And a couple of questions!

    It salmon poaching bee Could very well have been a honey bee. As I cleaned fish both of the last two weekends, I was frequently visited by both yellow jackets and honey bees at the fish-cleaning...
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    Re: No queen cell but trying to swarm?

    That'd be my guess this time of year.
  8. Re: Missouri Bees from a Walnut Tree, turned into log hive

    I move a great deal of them as they're clinging to the comb, a lot more will move into the hive body if I find and cage the queen, and yes I do use a bee vac.
  9. Re: Missouri Bees from a Walnut Tree, turned into log hive

    Usually if you look at the end of the log above and below the hive, you get a good idea of the thickness of the log "wall". I use a small chainsaw to cut a perforation ALMOST that deep, in a...
  10. Re: Missouri Bees from a Walnut Tree, turned into log hive

    I do a lot of work with a couple of big arborist companies in St.Louis, and overwintered three log hives just like this. I screen closed their entrances before daylight, mark where I think the...
  11. Re: Best way to feed to stay away from robbing ?

    I use an interior feeder, especially at this time of the year. Division board, top feeder, feed jars or buckets, etc. I don't care for boardman feeders as they seem to instigate robbing too easily....
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    Mr Rogers episode on honey extraction?

    I was speaking with someone over the weekend who swears they remember a Mr. Rogers episode wherein he visited a beekeeper and watched them use an extractor and bottle honey. I've been searching...
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    Re: Too late for a cut out?

    Its probably pretty late in the season up there to be doing a cutout (for the bees), but if I were the homeowner with honey dripping out of my walls, I sure wouldn't want to wait over 6 months for it...
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    Re: Yesterday I got 2 calls for cutouts.

    I do about 5 per month on average. If I were charging $150 I wouldn't be doing ANY.
    I virtually never do one for under $400, as my time, equipment, and combination of beekeeping/construction...
  15. Thread: scale for hives

    by rlsiv

    Re: scale for hives

    Bee Informed Partnership has a new scale that will be available very soon. I just saw a blip about it a week ago, with pictures of the prototypes.
  16. Re: messed up my order - bee go instead of bee quick

    I use bee go, and it is VERY effective. But you need to store and transport it like its nuclear fissive material... I put it in a can that a bottle of scotch came in, then put that inside a bucket...
  17. Re: First-time beekeeper with hive dwindling to nothing

    The other responses are dead on... that's capped honey in your last two photos, and it looks like nectar/honey in the adjacent open cells. Those have a waxy-to-shiny surface that is slightly...
  18. Re: First-time beekeeper with hive dwindling to nothing

    Kit, I see what looks like uncapped drone brood - are you able to see ANY uncapped worker brood?
    In the 2nd picture, it looks like a smallish queen cell toward the upper right. So if your hive is...
  19. Thread: Mimosa trees

    by rlsiv

    Re: Mimosa trees

    I have a couple of these trees near about a dozen of my hives just south of St.Louis, and I do see bees working them - but not voraciously.
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    Re: Laws on bottling.

    I give $1 off the next jar ($10) if one of my customers brings me my "clean" jar back. It doesn't save me a whole dollar, but it does bring them back.
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    Re: Do I use the honey or not?

    No Way. No How.

    Its a shame and a waste to toss 30# of honeycomb, but using it for either you or the bees would NOT be worth the associated risk. You (probably) wouldn't pick up a deer carcass...
  22. Re: Making honey, infused with cinnamon...non heating?

    I make quite a few varieties of infused honey and don't heat any of them. The most I do is sit them in a window sill (which is shaded from direct sunshine), and flip them over about once a week. I...
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    Re: Bees Attack & Kill Texas Farmer

    And congrats HuffPo for getting their facts wrong again. This guy was killed because he disturbed a AHB HIVE, not because he encountered a Swarm.
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    Re: Best States/Places for Wintering Bees?

    Many of them are overwintering in the Southern states (FL, AL, MS, LA, TX).

    I just made a trip to Louisiana late last week to pick up 200 nucs from a commerical operation that currently runs...
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    Re: What causes this?

    The bees will do that sometimes... chewing down wax or foundation to use it elsewhere (like capping brood). They can also build this back out again during a time of plenty.
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