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  1. Re: Bees moving eggs out of cells cups

    Thanks, so much. Everyone confirmed what I thought I needed to do. I recaptured a queen and caged her Tuesday. I'm gonna assume the earliest she would have laid any eggs is Wednesday so I will...
  2. Bees moving eggs out of cells cups

    I just started using the Mann Lake graftless system to start some queen cells. Everything went just fine. Captured the queen and caged her. She filled at least 100 of the brown cell cups with eggs...
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    Re: Swarms in Kentucky yet??

    Caught 2 swarms last week (1 from my own hives). Saw another swarm late last night around dark, but didn't have time to try and capture it. Sadly, I had to head to work. Hopefully it will still be...
  4. Re: 14.4% water content in today's batch

    This spring has been a fairly dry spring and it produced some of the thickest honey I've seen. Our summer honey tends to be thinner because of our humidity. Seems like it takes forever for those...
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    Re: Am I Charging Enough?

    Your local market is always the key. You will get a higher price when there are fewer local honey producers and you typically get a higher price in bigger cities. My wife is from Owensboro. The...
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    Re: Another Western Ky newby

    Welcome from one Kentuckian to another.
  7. Re: How much to sell home produced honey for by the oz??

    I try and keep the price reasonable, but the price gets cheaper the larger the purchase. I carry 6, 12, and 24 oz squeezable bears for $3, $5, and $8 respectably. I will sell a quart in a glass jar...
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    Re: Drawing Comb For Supers

    Agree with both. You have to have a flow for them to draw comb, otherwise you need to feed them 1:1 sugar water. I use all plasticell foundation and then i will melt beeswax and coat it heavily on...
  9. Re: cleaning propolis/wax/honey off gloves

    Yep, I never use glove's. It's too cumbersome and you don't get a good feel for the bees. You are also less likely to piss them off without knowing it. Of course I only use a veil along with a...
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    Re: Swarm happy queen.

    If her offspring are not showing that trait, then I would let her lay some new eggs and then snuff her out.
  11. Re: ? about advice that I was given about nuc and Queen

    Totally agree, let the bees work it out. If the queen is laying good and the brood pattern is not spotted, why bother. There is NO guarantee that the next queen will be as strong.

    One of my...
  12. Re: Hived a swarm 4 days ago, questions

    I would go back and get the cluster. You are right they are foragers and still smell the scent of the queen, but you could have accidently left the queen also.

    Either scenario, queen or not, you...
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    Re: What causes multiple swarms

    I've had hives that I could keep from swarming and others that I could not. Sometimes when a hive is wanting to swarm, you cannot stop it from doing that. That is their intent and no matter how...
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    Re: coating frames

    I can normally get 30 frames for the large honey supers or 20 frames for the deep brood chambers. I normally coat it on pretty thick with just a paint brush.

    I just used the last of my wax and...
  15. Re: Comb covering frame, unable to insert 10th frame

    If you wait too long, you may have excess comb built up on other frames. I typically will scrunch the frames all the way together. Yes, you may off a few bees, but you do that everytime you open a...
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