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    Re: Recognizing Dearth

    Pour some sugar water in a bird bath. If there is a derth going on, you will have a feeding frenzy on your hands. It is actually pretty cool to watch.
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    Re: Wax queen cell cups

    I have used Fatbeeman's method of making cups and it works great. FREE too!
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    Re: Consulting/Mentoring Services

    No. Considering it as part of our operation. Wonder if anyone is doing it? Have you had success at it? What rates do you charge?
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    Consulting/Mentoring Services

    Is anyone offering consulting or mentoring to new beekeepers for a fee? Seems there may be a market to help out new beekeepers who have questions, need help, want someone to help inspect their...
  5. Re: re-queened - but workers, drones have diappeared - help?

    I would save some money and just split the first hive. It is early in the season and you will need to feed them both but with 2 new queens, they will build numbers fast. I have 2 brand new nucs...
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    Re: Anybody ever...

    Little trick to keep her from leaving is to put a queen excluder between your brood box and bottom board. I wouldn't cage her though. She is in swarm mode and ready to build up their numbers. The...
  7. Re: How long before they produce another queen and laying again?

    Both responses are right. Just keep a check and make sure the are drawing out queen cells. If you don't have at least 2 or 3 in a few days, pull a frame of brood from another have and drop it in. ...
  8. Swarm Caught Yesterday and Found This Morning

    My wife and I caught a swarm yesterday afternoon and found it this morning in one of our traps!

    Swarm location: Millers Creek, NC 28651

    Trap Setup: 1. Cone swarm trap from Brushy Mountain...
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