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  1. Re: Manitoba Beekeepers Association's “White Paper” document

    With the US dollar soaring and the loonie, kiwi, and aussie dollar tanking, this is fast becoming a supply issue only and not a price differential issue.

    The 20% increase in the price of honey...
  2. Re: Manitoba Beekeepers Association's “White Paper” document

    From the concluding comments of the white paper:

    "As part of the domestic protocol of the Federal-Provincial Import permit, the MBA would support the requirement of an affidavit declaration from...
  3. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    Some questions that I keep wondering about as related to aa profiles for pollens.

    It is my understanding that bees utilize l aa and not d aa. So a profile may have a high level of certain aa but...
  4. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    Seems to be a lot of conflicting info about dandelions in the popular and scientific literature. Quotes from the Australian government publication The Effect of High and Low Fat Pollens on Honeybee...
  5. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    You can get this same info of the percentages. No need to used one of the aa as a reference.

    What does it mean? If we accept the values at face value, theoretically when a bee is synthesizing...
  6. Re: Tell us what you want in bee keeping software

    This is a market that sorely needs a good product. I have look at some products and have not found then to be inefficient for a commercial setting. Some of the features and items I would be looking...
  7. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    Nope. I am saying I hope subs are developed on the latest research and supporting foundational research like deGroot's. I don't think anyone would develop a sub without research. But, the sub better...
  8. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    Not only deGroot's ratios 60 years old, I don't think they have much relevance to average beekeeper beyond acquiring some trivia knowledge. The depth of knowledge, the hours of research and amount of...
  9. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    Ian some thoughts about this thread. I am not a nutritionist nor have I study this topic in any depth so I may be out to lunch for some of these comments.

    I think you are getting limiting and...
  10. Re: Bee Forage Crude Protien and AA Breakdown

    From Fat Bees, Skinny Bees

    "The tryptophan levels in pollens has not been tested by many researchers, due to the need to conduct separate chemical analysis and the added extra cost to the...
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    Re: Pattie supplements

    I choose to believe research that supports my current position. :lpf:
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    Re: Pattie supplements

    Ian, I imagine you have looked at Randy Oliver's comparison test.

    Confirms things that I have noticed anecdotally. The bees...
  13. Re: Best Tax/Bookkeeping Software for Canadian Beekeepers?

    I use Quickbooks for bookkeeping. Pro version is adequate for beekeeping. Not a whole lot cheaper than Ag Expert. Fairly sure Quickbooks is able to import bank statements though this is a feature I...
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    Re: The do nots in beekeeping

    Did that about 10 years for a bee yard my wife had scouted out for me. Been a great be yard ever since.
    My bad. Zombie thread.
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    Re: Best size super

    Wow, 90 lbs of honey for a deep sounds like a hive that has been under supered to me. More than 35 lbs of honey for a 9 frame honey becomes difficult to deal with because of the bur comb and probably...
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    Re: Over wintering hives

    Looks good so far. Only 4 more months of winter if the last 2 years are the new spring.

    This is Canada 2015 at 5C.
  17. Re: If gas prices stay low ($2/gal. aver.) what impact will it have for you as a BKP

    Got to agree with you BB. Gas 1-tons with regular 8-foot box and 20 ft gooseneck trailers is what I use. Every time consider going diesel I crunch the numbers and come back to gas. If I had a lot of...
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    Re: Stand on the shoulders of the giants

    Unfortunately for high percentage of people 'One expert opinion is worth more than a thousand test results'. Very frustrating if you place a high value on empirical evidence.

    It's standing on the...
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    Re: Fall feeders

    In spring I have 1000+ hives and nucs in one location for several weeks. My situation may different as my bees are wintered indoors. The first 3 or 4 days after the bees are moved into the spring...
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    Re: The last explanation for swarming?

    Eduardo thanks for starting this thread.

    Bernhard I find your approach to swarm control interesting. One of the benefits of beesource is gaining knowledge of practices from other localities.

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    Re: Thermal Image Gun

    I usually run my temperature in the 6 to 9 degree range. If I had equipment for a tighter temp range I would probably run the temp at 7. Smaller hives have an easier time at higher tempers and don't...
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    Re: Thermal Image Gun

    It appears as though some of the hives have a lot of heat coming from the pallets. Is that so? Seems strange.
  23. Re: Partnership with a family member: which model ?

    Get it legally written up. Make sure you have a shotgun clause.
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    Re: Ontario restricts use of neonicotinoids

    And this is why I prefer neonics to foliage applications especially if I am seeing no ill effects from the neonics. No scrambling to move bees away from fields being sprayed and missing half of the...
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    Re: Ontario restricts use of neonicotinoids

    Yield gain is not the reason seed treatments are being used. They are used to reduce the probability of yield reduction due to insects. They are used because the are cost effective when compared to...
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