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    3d printing comb

    Has anyone thought about 3d printing honey comb onto their frames? PLA is made from sugar & has a sweet smell, so I thought it may work well.
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    Re: Charge for placing a hive at someone's garden?

    Really it depends on your goals, and time.

    If you want to just expand a few more hives, and it is fairly close to home, put a couple more out. I would come up with some type of simple written...
  3. Re: How do I not throw swarm and not grow apiary

    Keep adding supers, and mix in undrawn frames, keep them busy drawing out frames, filling them, and give them lots of room
  4. Michigan residents loose right to beehives and back yard chickens
  5. Re: Installed 3 hives yesterday-in drizzle! Not all bees have went in, ???

    heck ya, that is what I did last year
  6. Stupid ? Where do you put 1000 hives in the summer?

    Fo you you big boys out there, how do you find safe places to put 1000 hives in the summer?

    How many hives to a good location? Are there that many landowners out there that will let you places...
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    Re: Another bee kill from spraying?

    So what there an outcome to this story?
  8. Bottled up my first 50 lbs of honey last night

    Last year our first hive produced a ton of honey, but I left it all on to make sure they got through the winter.

    We harvested & bottled up our first 50 lbs last night, it was a great experience.
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    Bee Yard Rental, and hives per yard

    I am looking for another location for a bee yard. No one is going to just let me put 20-30 hives up for free with open access.

    So what do you pay for bee yard rent in a good location?

    How many...
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    Excited to start year number two

    Looking forward to starting my second year of beekeeping.

    Year one had its ups & downs.

    Started with two packages, package one did incredible, package two lost its queen right away and never...
  11. Is it too soon to start feeding pollen in Iowa?

    Should I start feeding pollen now to get the queen laying?

    Weather is supposed to be in 40's here on out.
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    Re: Knockout roses and Rosa rugosa

    you can buy the rosa rugosa online at nursery. It hasnt been sold as much lately as it is considered an invasive plant that spreads & grows very quickly.
  13. Re: How late this fall will the be making honey? (Iowa)


    But how late into the fall will they keep bringing it in?
  14. How late this fall will the be making honey? (Iowa)

    My first hive is doing great. Right now it has 3 deeps, and 2 shallows. The shallows are 70%+ full of honey.

    How long will they go, should I plan on adding another shallow super?

    I wanted to...
  15. Re: Tale of two hives. What should I do with struggling one?

    There was a mix of capped brood, larvae, and eggs when I added it in.

    Checked it today and there are a couple of frames with solid capped brood about 5 inches or so across, so she is getting...
  16. Drew out and filled deep super in 2+ weeks. Is this typical?

    About two weeks ago (bad a record keeping) I check my good hive and both deep supers were completely packed, so I added a third deep super.

    Worried that I added one too quickly, I checked it...
  17. Re: Tale of two hives. What should I do with struggling one?

    Yes, there several frames they havent even drawn out yet.

    Will the bring in enough honey to get them through the harsh Iowa winter?
  18. Tale of two hives. What should I do with struggling one?

    This is my first year bee keeping.

    I started out with two hives and received two packages in May. I could tell right away there was a difference by how much action was occurring outside each...
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    Crazy idea, old camper as apiary.

    A friend of mine wants to junk an old camper. I thought about picking it up, gutting the interior and installing about 20 hives.

    I would take the screens out of the windows so they can fly in...
  20. Re: Can I catch/lure a swarm with empty hive & a few frames of honey?

    OK I think I have found the source of these bees. There is two hives that are 1.9 miles away from me. Will a swarm fly that far for a new home?
  21. Can I catch/lure a swarm with empty hive & a few frames of honey?

    My two new packages arrive tonight. Yesterday a friend gave me 10 frames of drawn out comb to help me get kick started. A few of the frames had some honey in the corners still.

    After putting the...
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    Re: Anybody still waiting for packages?

    None delivered to Iowa yet, hopefully this weekend.
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    Hole size and amount for feeders

    Hopefully my first packages will be here this weekend. I planned on using an empty super on top of my ful super and put a feeder in there.

    What size holes do I put in the lid and how many. I...
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    Adding deep super to prevent swarm

    May be a dumb question for most of you.

    In the spring, why not add an extra deep super in the spring. Move some of the frames from the bottom two into it, and mix the 10 bare frames in all three...
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    Re: Newbie needs help!


    What kind of specific questions or problems do you have?
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