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    Re: Combining a nuc to a strong hive?

    Get another Queen?
  2. Re: want some input on timing of combining hives

    You might want to put your stinger down...greedy is hardly a horrible slight. And maybe the better word is hasty. You want to recover your loses and have a higher hive count...where others are...
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    More hives or stronger hives?

    So I am just finishing up a trap out that will yield about a 5 frame nuke full of bees but most likely queenless. I currently have 5 hives. I have two hives in a great location that we just started...
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    Re: I scored 5 acres

    Having 5 acres and being able to do something with 5 acres is far different. I assume you dont have tractors or implements to till or seed the acreage. Your bees will travel 3 miles in any...
  5. Re: Installed 2 Overwintered Nucs Today, Need Advice

    The key operand is that you are new....we ALL over-worry. You just took bees that were crowded in 5 frames and now they have 10 frames to work and cover. Essentially a split.

    So really you...
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    Re: Beekeeping and dementia

    And this is supported by something other than your personal conjecture? Mental and physical activity are found in all sorts of hobbies and activities. Beekeeping is hardly the cure or prevention...
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    Re: A Nuc With Ritecell?

    The Nuc supplier I use recommends feeding right away and pretty much until you are drawn out to the 2nd deep. They have 5 new frames to use....they will do just fine.
  8. Re: Bee Killing Seeds approved? Is this real?!

    Yes its true....well the part about sowing seeds is...the bee killing part....not so much.

    But it fits in nicely with the Chem-trail posts!
  9. Re: Zika Virus - how will it affect bees? Possible disaster?

    Yeah, not so much. He's a crack pot.

    But I am not a fan a widespread spraying. We have mosquito abatement that are granular, its not needed to spray everything.
  10. Re: Package Looks 'Meh' Can I Take Frames from 2 Nucs and put in packaged hive?

    Are you feeding the package? Have you been feeding the package since Day 1?

    Robbing the Nuc's seems unwise. They have barely enough resources to make it themselves.

    Feed them all and hope for...
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    Re: Sad newbee (with foundationless frames)

    Foundationless is not hard. ESPECIALLY if you have the hive level. Out of level will give you drift everytime.

    Is it perfect? No. I used it in deeps and supers my first year. I have since...
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    Re: Pest guy at my rental house

    If you have bugs on one side of a have bugs on BOTH sides of a duplex. Landlords have an obligation to provide a pest free rental. Not allowing him to spray may actually cause the...
  13. Re: Any Boy Souters or former Boy Scouts out there?

    Menomonee Falls? I am just down the road from you in Wauwatosa. Howdy Neighbor!
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    Re: Heated honey BAD for you?

    HMF is NOT toxic to humans!!! It's part of the carmelization process in sugars. It's pure quackery to think its harmful.

    Heated honey, carmelized sugar, definitely is NOT good for bees.

  15. Re: Lesson learned - I triggered swarm mode.

    You may not have triggered anything....they were already planning to swarm and your split did not avert their plans.
  16. Re: Checking queen is out her cage after three days?

    If you pull the cage, she will most likely be out, move the frames back together and close up.

    I would not inspect any frames. Just get the cage out and leave it alone.

    If she is not released...
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    Re: Bee safe tick control?

    Damminix®. Permethrin-treated cottonballs target larvae and nymphs of I. scapularis on white-footed mice. Product
    effectiveness is dependent upon the collection of the cotton as nesting material...
  18. Re: Correct positioning of double jar feeder

    bee space is about comb to comb spacing, and where they choose to make bridge comb. the hole in the cover is usually seen as an entrance. So they dont seem to cover over it. Or bother with the 1/2...
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    Re: 6 Days After Installing New Package

    Your new package will not add any population for at least 21-28 days depending on when the Queen actually started laying. So having drawn comb is great but you should wait until you have bees...
  20. Re: What's wrong with eating honey made from sugar syrup?

    Says the guy who joined in February 2016....maybe you have been keeping bees for years....maybe not.

    But that attitude wont get you or your bees very far.
  21. Re: What's wrong with eating honey made from sugar syrup?

    It's not honey. It's NOT honey. It's not HONEY. It is not honey at all. It is sugar collected by bees. Basically the soda pop of the bee world. Not natural, not healthy for you, not worth it to...
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    Re: Thermosolar Hive

    A fool and his money are easily parted.
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    Re: package queen placement

    I usually squeeze it between two frames. If its foundationless they can make some weird combs and give you issues, so it's best to get it out of there as soon as you can.

    Putting it on the bottom...
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    Re: Trying single deeps and need tips please.

    Yes, all of the above.

    If you don't like how people respond, maybe people should just ignore your posts all together? If you are unsatisfied with the response...perhaps you should ask for your...
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    Re: Popular Science article

    So when a company (like Monsanto) buys a company with extensive bee Beelogics. One group sees Satan buying the Manger Furniture Company.

    Or you could look and realize Monsanto's most...
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