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    Re: Remove honey supers "early"?

    I just pull the full frames and stick them in a super I have sitting in my garage freezer. I find that a chest type of freezer is always in use for my bee stuff. If a hive dies, I stick the frames...
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    Re: How to calm down a crazy hot hive? Requeen?

    I had a hot hive like yours several years ago. I knew it had to be requeened, but I didn't have a queen and honestly, was terribly afraid to go near that hive. The buggers got in my veil and up my...
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    Re: All this rain...

    Just a quick report from Mid-Missouri: I just finished checking all my hives (7) this morning and am not seeing lots of capped honey so far. I mentioned to my neighbor that it is probably not going...
  4. Re: How do you apply the lemon grass oil or swarm commander on a swarm trap?

    I put a couple of drops of the lemongrass oil on both ends of a Q-tip and then staple the Q-tip somewhere on the inside of the swarm trap. Seems to work fine.
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    Re: mann lake hive top feeders ??

    I have used the Mann lake feeders for several seasons. The first year I had lots of brood comb under the feeders. I just scraped it out--but it was a pain to keep clean and my feeders still have...
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    Re: Hello from Columbia mo.

    Hi Greg! Lots of people in CoMo are beekeepers and happy to help you out. Be sure to take the beginner bee keeping class held in January -- it will give you lots of information and link you to the...
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    Re: allergy question

    My husband and I both started out as beekeepers. One day we both were stung once -- nothing out of the ordinary. I went off to do other things and when I came into the house, I found him laying on...
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    Re: Dealing with an agressive hive

    I had the same problem last year. I did what Michael Bush suggested and "dealt" the boxes into two piles. Basically I took off the top box and put it in "pile A". Second box went into "pile b". ...
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    Re: Coexisting with backyard hives

    I have three hives in my small backyard. One of them is right on my back deck - which is enjoyable because we can watch the bees from our family room. The other two hives are on the property line -...
  10. Thread: Swarm traps

    by Gailmo

    Re: Swarm traps

    I live in Columbia--so really close to you. I keep an ongoing blog of my bee activity and checked it tonight. I show that I caught swarms last year in mid-May and in 2012 starting in late April and...
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    Re: Any beekeepers using fitbit?

    Yup , I have had a Fitbit for about a year. Glad to "friend" you. I am registered as Gail L.
    But just a heads up - I have been somewhat of a slug lately because I broke my big toe. I never...
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    Re: Plotting swarms.

    I don't know of any map, but a "good read" regarding swarms and their behavior is Tom Seeley's book Honeybee Democracy. I checked it our from our library 3 times and then decided it probably was...
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    Re: When/How to break down a Very HOT Hive?

    I had the same situation last summer. I am a wimp and decided I didn't want to take anymore abuse from the hive by finding the queen. I pulled off the honey, buttoned the hive up for the winter and...
  14. Thread: Aggressive hive

    by Gailmo

    Re: Aggressive hive

    Same thing happened to me last summer! They were so bad I just left them totally alone the rest of the summer. I didn't requeen then because I didn't have access to a queen and didn't want to have...
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    Re: Screen Wire in Place of #8 Hardware Cloth?

    Have you tried your local Ace Hardware store? I have had great luck in Missouri finding this wire at Ace.
  16. Thread: Red nectar

    by Gailmo

    Re: Red nectar

    They have been visiting a hummingbird feeder!
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    Re: How to secure the Extractor?

    I use racheting tie-down straps I bought at Harbor Freight. I put the extractor on a small bench which sits on a 3/4 inch piece of plywood that is about 3 ft x 3 ft. I screwed some metal things on...
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    Re: Cleaning Honey Extractor

    Let the bees clean it out. Put it away from your hives so it doesn't encourage robbing. They will find it, pass the word on to their buddies and all hell breaks loose! They love it and will clean...
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    Re: NASTY: Wax moth larvae AND fermented stores

    Put the frames in the freezer for 24 hours. It will kill the moth larva --then while the frames are still cold, you can easily scrape away anthing that you think is nasty. This will save most of...
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    Re: When do you usually pull off a super?

    Hi Matt, I am located just down the road from you in Columbia. I agree that last summer was a challenge -- for me and for the bees. I usually just add supers all summer and don't remove any. ...
  21. Re: Pinched queen at 1pm today -- install new in 7 hours or wait 48 hours?

    UPDATE: I checked both splits today. The good news is that both queens are still alive and were in their respective introduction cages. The bad news was that the queen introduction cages didn't...
  22. Re: Pinched queen at 1pm today -- install new in 7 hours or wait 48 hours?

    Ah I read your reply, I thought --yep, you are absolutely correct! As I looked through the hive with the queen in it, I could see that the bees were mostly young and fuzzy. There...
  23. Re: Pinched queen at 1pm today -- install new in 7 hours or wait 48 hours?

    I agree -- I should not have pinched the queen! It would have been very easy to stick her into a small nuc I have with a frame or two of bees and see how things worked out. I plan to go back into...
  24. Re: Pinched queen at 1pm today -- install new in 7 hours or wait 48 hours?

    Thanks everyone for your QUICK advice!

    I installed the two queens a few minutes ago using queen introduction cages. I had to pull a frame to make room for the cage but hopefully they won't mess...
  25. Pinched queen at 1pm today -- install new in 7 hours or wait 48 hours?

    I picked up a mated queen today. I came home--dug into my hive, found and pinched the queen and dumped her in some alcohol about 1pm today. Tomorrow's weather is rain and cold--thus it is probably...
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