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    Re: Cut out Question

    I have posted before about the vac I built. Hopefully I will figure out how to post pictures soon. I built a box the size of a deep hive. I put a groove the width of a saw kerf (1/8 inch) around...
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    Re: Would you do this cutout?

    I was under the impression that soffits were there to provide secure ventilation to the attic. However you might be right. Our house was built in 1923 and there ar no soffits except at the front of...
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    Re: Would you do this cutout?

    I would certainly agree that poor workmanship is a major cause of bees getting into structures. Here in Florida traditional plywood soffits have been replaced with perforated aluminum sheeting that...
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    Re: Would you do this cutout?

    I never thought a discussion of cut outs could get so rough. When we were learning we did several removals for free to get experience. We loved the rush so we started doing more but charging for it ....
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    Re: A whopper of a cut-out!!!

    Why? I can see not feeding it to your bees might be spores of afb etc. but if it has not been sprayed I see nothing wrong with consuming it. We usually separate the honey comb from the brood then...
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    Re: Good feature of a Bushkill vac

    We have built and tried a number of designs. The ones with the vac as part of the box were heavy and a real pain up on a ladder. I finally have a design that works well, can be carried up a ladder,...
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    Re: Bee Old Wive's Tales

    When I was ten We had a swarm come flying by the back yard. I had heard the beating on a pan theory so I grabbed a galvanized tub and a metal spoon and started beating on it. I bet I chased those...
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    Re: drone frame for varroa control

    yes they need to be where the queen will lay in them so put them in the brood area next to a frame of brood. When the queen starts laying in them you need to pull them and freeze them about ever two...
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    Re: Looking at a 35' high removal.

    Tow behind bucket lifts rent for about $200 a day in this area if you call around you might find someone with a 1/2 day rent. add the rental to your quote. Also if you are not doing the repairs (we...
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    Re: My first cut-out.

    Being covered in honey is probably a death sentence since the honey plugs up the breathing spiracles. I would have left queen cells alone and let them raise a new queen.
    We do a fair number of cut...
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    Re: Gas Tank Bees

    I am the impatient sort so I favor cut outs over trap outs any time but if there is no pressing reason to get the out quickly I agree that removing the cover where the fuel pump goes in and putting...
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    Re: Twelve volt bee vac?

    I would think a vacuum would run down a battery pretty quick. I bought an inverter to hook to my truck battery to run my vac. I have not used it yet but I figure I will need to leave the motor...
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    Re: Would you do this cutout?

    its not the money its the rush and the chance to educate more people about bees.
    And yes I would do this cut out. Just like another comment earlier-if there is any question about being sprayed we do...
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    bees in rotten tree

    The neighbors all know I keep bees and do bee removal so of course I am the first person they call with a problem. There is a old silk floss tree that the upper part is all dead. There is a bee hive...
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    Re: Queen cells Please analyse my pics

    I will chime in also. We have used queen excluders and the the man says they are a pita. Since the queen tends to lay in the middle frames we just let her move up if she wants. Usually what happens...
  16. Re: Cleaning suit after cutout of sprayed hive

    We do a lot of cut outs. When we get to the customer we always ask if the bees have been sprayed. We watch their eyes and body language and if we have doubts we tell them they have to taste the...
  17. Re: Bee hive in a log - how do I get them out?

    I have often wondered about using a chemical repellant when trying to get bees out of a difficult removal. If any one has had success I would like to hear. What we have done on things like hollow...
  18. Re: Triumph, (near) Tragedy, and Questions

    I am not a top bar guy-I keep langs but if I were sure that I did not accidently drop her in the grass I would assume a swarm. Its really easy to miss a queen cell (or even a bunch of cells)...
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    Re: What time of day to start a cut-out?

    Here in Florida during the summer the heat will kill you if you are wearing a bee jacket and veil. We always try to do the job so the sun is on the other side and we can work in the shade. We have...
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    Re: feral bees in a statue base

    You might have a problem flipping the statue on its side. If the comb is not fairly old it can break loose and crush bees. I would either cut into the statue where it stands or leave it alone and do...
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    Re: cutout questions

    We did several for free to gain experience but quickly started charging. We usually try to schedule late in the day so that we finish up just before twilight. We vacuum first then as we cut comb we...
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    Re: Cutout question - cable junction box

    who called you? If its the cable company they should be able to give you help. If it is the home owner you had better get the cable company involved. There are all sorts of laws about tampering with...
  23. Re: Bees entering between brick and siding.

    Two lies that the customer always tells you 1. The bees have only been there a few weeks and 2. No, we did not try to get rid of them our selves-we did not use wasp spray or--
    We usually start at a...
  24. Re: Unable to identify with certainty - ideas?

    definitely not bees -I seem to remember an article in one of the bee journals a few months ago about a fly that preyed on bees-may be syphlid(spelling) does any one remember the article and the name...
  25. Re: Do You Use Bee Repellent During Cut-outs?

    /We bought a bottle if thus stuff and made the mistake of not padding the bottle well in the tool bag. It not only repels bees but I had to throw away my tool bag and run all the tools thru the wifes...
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