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  1. Re: How to handle Interstate Bee Truck Overturns

    Aside from the basic bee keeping stuff, I would make sure I knew where to get my hands on more pallets and straps. Those are likely to be broken in an accident, or burried in the mess, and you would...
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    Re: Bee Vacuum Please

    Wasn't hard. Climbed up with bee vac, sucked them into two buckets, and brought them down and rehived them. Colony is doing great.

    It wasn't that I wanted them, I just didn't want them! You...
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    Re: Bee Vacuum Please

    Here's another consideration when building or buying a bee vac. It's a tool. Tools come in different sizes and styles, and will work good or bad depending on the situation. Having a vac that sucks...
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    Re: Smoker Plug

    Sounds like you have a serious problem, with such an excess of corks. I, being one to help "take one for the team" am here to help you out. Send me a large quantity of your bottles of wine, I will...
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    Re: any hobby gunsmiths out there

    Maybe a good Forum about gun smithing. Could probably find a lot of good advice there. This one is mostly beekeeping stuff.
  6. Re: Speculation on CCD and sunspots ...

    I'm no astrophysicist, but can the sun's polarization be affected? I know bees navigate off of the polarization of the sun light around them. If it was suddenly changed, that could affect their...
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    Re: Bees driving family nuts.

    Many beeks, myself included, keep hives way closer than 300' from our houses and don't have problems with bees at the house. Oh yeah, we see them come around, but they are just scouting for...
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    Re: Why do you use leather Gloves

    When I use gloves, I use leather as they don't get my hands all sweaty and are more breathable.
  9. Re: What am I looking at here, a couple of frame pics

    Cells that have had several rounds of brood in them will be very dark to begin with. Even a light honey in a dark cell with give you some dark appearances, while still in the comb at least.
  10. Re: Special Offer With the Purchase of Honey-B-Gone

    Ummm.... how many times are you going to start a new thread for the same offer?
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    Re: Useless tools or beginners luck?

    Wait till you've had to replace the bottom box on a hive. That is, pull all the frames out, pop the bottom box off the bottom board, and put a new one in. Let me tell you, all those guard bees at...
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    Re: Mark's new Honey Label

    My honest opinion, the hives in the background are a little rough looking. Most consumers buying a raw or unprocessed product are concerned about cleanliness. They don't understand how clean bees...
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    Re: Useless tools or beginners luck?

    Sometimes I wear a veil. Sometimes I wear gloves. Sometimes I used all my tools. Sometimes I don't. Depends on what I'm doing, depends on the season, depends on what mood the bees are in. Don't...
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    Re: Really dark orange blossom honey

    I think there's a lot of monkey business that goes on in the honey trade with some folks, buying cheap honey from somewhere else, and re-labelling it. I know a local "beekeeper" who sells "local"...
  15. Re: Possible bear in uncommon bear area

    Some good rules for a bear fence.

    1. Keep enough space between the fence and the hives that they can't reach between the wires and get it.
    2. Have wires low enough to keep them from laying down...
  16. Re: Possible bear in uncommon bear area

    Here is our bear fence. Has a "35 mile" charger. Measures out about 9000 to 9500 volts.

  17. Re: Reduce hive size for winter for late season swarms?

    Thanks for all the advice. This last swarm was a rather large swarm, around 25,000 bees. The other one was pretty large as well, so would like to save them both.
  18. Re: Experience with liquid Sevin dust and roundup

    At least he was decent enough to come and tell you before he sprayed!!!
  19. Reduce hive size for winter for late season swarms?

    Here in Colorado (I'm at 7700' elevation) and the northern states, it is normal to use two deeps for a hive during the winter. The queen pulls her brood laying into the bottom box during the fall...
  20. Re: What size hardware cloth to keep mice out?

    I have watched mice squeeze through 1/2" with no problem.
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    Re: Sting sensitivity changing.

    Depends on the beekeeper, where you get stung, how long the stinger is in, etc. I am sensitive to bee stings. When I was a kid I had a systemic response and needed a shot of epinephrine to reverse...
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    Re: List of Beekeeping Rules


    I see you just joined the BeeSource forum today. Welcome!

    How many hives do you manage? How long have you been a beek?
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    Re: September swarm help!!!

    Don't forget mating. Do you still have drones in your area? My hives have been booting them out for the season this past week. if it's a virgin queen and no drones you could have problems.
  24. Re: Denver area beeks - how does your honey production look for 2014?

    Not too far south of you on the Palmer Divide north of Colorado Springs at about 7700'. We extracted yesterday. Using Langstroth hive, medium supers for honey. Each medium super frame averaged...
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    Re: Heat gun uncapping

    SNL, what has your experience been with this? I found the heat never even made it to the foundation. Curious what problems you have had with it.
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