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  1. Re: Album of First Inspection After Swarm Plus Questions

    I was always told, by a more seasoned beek, to wait 28 days after the swarm, if no queen, get one. This worked for me last year. Even though they left 8 or 9 queen cells after the swarm, I waited 28...
  2. Re: Nervous... First bees tomorrow. Hope they survive the ride home.

    I actually know a guy in my bee club that brought a nuc home on the back of his motorcycle. He was surprised when they were in bad sorts and stung hime a few times.

    But he and the bees survived.
  3. Re: Couple of Videos from the Swarm I captured today

    Cool videos. Thanks for sharing them.

    If you don't mind me asking, what do you use in your swarm bucket?
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    Re: check out this new blade for making boxes

    Very neat idea for making boxes or drawers. If the cost wasn't limiting I would have one in my shop.
  5. Re: Is there such a thing as too many swarms?

    In only my second year of beekeping I have learned that you have to always have extra of everything. I am having a similar year. I spent yesterday building SBBs and will build some
    hive stands and...
  6. Re: MANY, MANY Swarms this year. Would you agree?

    Seems there are more reports of swarms here in SE Ohio. I have heard from fellow Beeks that they are busy too. I am going out today to look at one.

    Free bees, you gotta love it!
  7. Re: Feed Honey or syrup to new package install?

    I gave each of my new hives a full frame of honey each to get them started, plus sugar syrup in a top feeder.

    I looked in the hive the other day, the bees had eaten all the honey and were now...
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    Re: My Little Bee Bee tree!

    It's a Bee Bee tree. Nuff said!
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    Re: sticky queen candy

    I would hope that since the supplier knew there was an apparent problem with the candy he supplied you with, he correct it this time.
    You can take a small nail or something little and make sure the...
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    Re: Queen Releasing Question

    I am a second year beek, so take this info for what it is worth. I would wait the extra day unless a period of no rain came along.

    The bees should be feeding her through the cage.
  11. Re: Open the hive early morning/early evening?????

    Acebird, I have found that to be true as well concerning the bees being more gentle in the spring. I think they are excited about buildup and the potential for a good nectar flow.

    In the fall, my...
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    Re: Bee's and Chickens

    My chickens are free range and have no problems going into the apiary to do a little scratching and snooping for bugs. I think your area (1/2 acre) should be large enough

    that there should be not...
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    Re: ta-da! here they are..

    Nice looking setup. There is nothing like hiving that first hive, ok there is, but not in beekeeping. Good luck. Keep us posted.
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    Re: First year beekeeper in OH

    Welcome to Beesoource from SE Ohio as well. Good luck with your bees.
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    Re: First time pkg install!! Questions

    Angie, I think you will be Okay. The bees will eat one end or the other of the queen cage to get here released. I've only installled 6 packages and requeened once, but every time they
    have released...
  16. Re: How to manage the back filling in the brood nest

    I had a similar problem with one of my hives and am still monitoring it. My upper box was filled and so were most of the frames in the lower box that serves as the brood nest.
    I removed some of the...
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    Re: 8 yr old installing her first package

    Nice videao, thanks for sharing it. I love to see kids that age involved in bee keeping. It's the future of beekeeping.

    I have a 4 year old grandson I plan on getting involved in a couple of...
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    Re: thought my hive was getting robbed

    I had the same thing happen to me last year. I was worried about robbing and ended up being the daily poop run and orientation flights.

    I am a second year bee keeper and still worry about my bees....
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    Re: Could one on my queens be dead already?

    I am from SE Ohio and the packages you describe sound exactly like the ones I picked up in Spencer Ohio about a week and a half ago. Cali packages with queen cage having a cork in sideways.
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    Re: What is your "Regular Hive" setup?

    I have two 10 frame deeps as brood/bee honey boxes then super up as needed. I can attest to using medium and even 8 frame boxes later in life. A full 10 frame box of honey is
    ridicuously heavy.

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    Re: Varroa Xtractor?

    There is definitely a lot more work to this then what the video shows. First off you would have to open the hive to shake all the bees off. I agree a queen could be injured or fly off is she
  22. Re: Hi From Wellington Ohio where it's way cold for spring

    Welcome to Beesource from SE Ohio. Been having the same poor weather (for bees) as you have had. It is supposed to improve the later part of this week.

    Hope your hive does well.
  23. Thread: Hi from Ohio

    by BeeMoose

    Re: Hi from Ohio

    Hello Paige, welcome to Beesource. I am a second year beek and have found that a local club is very important in helping new beeks. If you don't have a local bee club, Make contact with

    the Ohio...
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    Re: Installed my first package today

    That is so hard to hear that your bees died. I hived 3 Tuesday, but because of wind, rain and low temps, I have been unable to check on them until later today.

    I'm hoping mine haven't met a...
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    Re: First Package Installation

    An experience like no other, holding that package of bees in your hands getting ready to place them in the hive you so carefully built just for them, filled with fear, anticipation and excitement.
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