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    Re: First Year Package swarmed today.

    I put a feeder in when I first got them. They never touched it so I pulled it after a week. A friend of mine also bought a couple packages same time as me. Never fed at all, and one of his swarmed...
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    First Year Package swarmed today.

    I was lucky enough to catch the swarm. I have them in a deep with 10 frames with an empty medium on top of that (plan on using for a sugar feeder). I have all openings covered with screen. Should I...
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    I have a Full frame

    of pollen from my winter killed hive. I have a new package and wonder if I should give it to them? Also exactly where to put it?
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    Re: No honey, do I have a problem?

    My package that is doing good has 2 deeps. I haven't looked in the bottom in 2 monthes. Upper chamber has 4 frames of solid honey (2 on each side). My replacement queen in "no honey" hive is a NWC...
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    No honey, do I have a problem?

    New beekeeper here. I got 2 packages this spring (they got delayed out to May29). One has done real well. The other I had to requeen 4th of July. Thought all was going good and had't looked into them...
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    Re: How do you all fight "the itch"?

    Stings to my hands hardly bother me. Body shots hurt a little and head shots(stings) do hurt for awhile. One thing I noticed is that when I'm getting a sting here and there once in awhile, my old age...
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    essential oil pack

    I bought some. Sugar grease patties with e/oils and thymol. I'm wondering where to place in my hive? Thanks in Advance, Randy
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    bumble bee in my hive

    I'm another one that thinks he has queen trouble with a package. I got 2 packages May 29. One is going gang busters and I need to add a super today. I saw a bumble bee try to enter hive and 2 bees...
  9. Need advice on swarm I caught 10 days ago.

    Checked in on them today to see how they are doing. They are filling frames with uncapped honey and or sugar syrup. A little pollen here and there. No eggs or larva. Always about 10 bees hoovering...
  10. Re: I'm new and nedd advice on catching a swarm.

    I thought I would mention what I've done so far. Went back yesterday morning and could see "football" sized cluster was smaller and 1" entrance was gobbed up with bees. I figured there wasn't enough...
  11. I'm new and need advice on catching a swarm.

    My Buddy (Arlo) and I each got a package of bees on May 19 so I am green, green. Today we got a call about a swarm in an apple tree and asked if we wanted? So went over with a deep super to catch....
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    New bee keepers first question.

    I'm greener than green. Got my first two packages on May 19th (Sunday). Installed in a deep super with a sugar feeder in a med. on top, telescoping cover on that. Checked Thursday and both queens...
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    Howdy from Michigan

    Retired a few years ago and even staying busy hunting and fishing I wanted something productive to do. After much reading I got 2 packages Sunday. Love lurking(reading) this site. Regards, Randy
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