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    Re: Treatment free claims?

    So what is mite tolerant traits? What is TF genetics? VSH and hygienics? It's nice to chat about on the net but what does it all mean when it comes to real field work? Why can one beekeeper...
  2. Re: How much honey should you leave on the hive for your area?

    MP I may have asked you years ago but why did you settle on 2 deeps and a medium instead of 3 deeps?? I would have thought the flexibility of being able to transfer frames in the broodnest would...
  3. Re: X2 vs X3. Opinions on growth of your operation

    You can always increase working to the stronger side instead of nucs. Here is what I wrote to organic beekeeping list to similar question:

    Hope these concepts might interest some. BTW on the...
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    Re: Funny Smell???

    goldenrod honey has a stinky smell some say????
  5. Re: How long foundationless will take?

    Critical mass is good for getting combs drawn. It is definitely more complex than that for continued survival.
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    Re: TF and EFB

    Thanks everyone that was my second case of EFB ever and wasn't sure what was best to clean up the equipment. I used antibiotics when I had my first case over 20 yrs ago. Being I am now off all...
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    Re: More Skunk Truble

    Electric fence stops all kinds of critters. Don't you have bears in Montana?
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    TF and EFB

    Hi all,

    Had nuc that I was growing to a single 2 yrs ago break out with moderate case of EFB. I closed it up dumped heavy soapy water down it to take out the bees. Been in my basement for 2...
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    Re: Are SHB a Problem in Your Area?


    I'm in the champlain valley just like you.(same soil/ temps, NY) I almost never see them.
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    Re: Let's have a voice

    I'm interested in the 4 frame supers. Already have have enough for 100 nucs. Its no big deal dividing a box. I use 2x?? to divide mine to maintain the 10 frame spacing. Mike uses 9 frame spacing...
  11. Re: Treatment free for 20 months + feed free

    Been TF for 15 yrs. Feeding real honey keeps them healthy for sure. I don't hesitate to top off with sugar syrup if needed. Striping the broodnest of honey is a poor practice in my opinion. ...
  12. Thread: Biters

    by Clayton Huestis


    Anyone know who is breeding bees for biting/ attacking killing/ maiming traits? A trait that I would consider imperative for TF bees. Any info would be appreciated.
  13. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    There a nice bee. I think that due to there lack of popularity here in the states they have less of a narrow genetic pool (Possibly) they may have more traits for survival to draw from I can only...
  14. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    In 2000 I started learning about small cell and started using using blank starter strips to start sizing down from 5.4 to the 5.2 to 5.1 cell size. I was still learning and investigating small...
  15. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    Well I'm at the point were I lose 10 to 20% each year, this includes everything. Mites, bears, beekeeper (me), winter, ect. This didn't happen overnight and I've been at this for 15 yrs. From year...
  16. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    Let me ask a quick question(s) first Barry. Are you losing a hive once in awhile or many every season? Also are you raising your own queens? If so are you grafting or going graftless?
  17. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    I think genetic plays a part to some degree. But I think complex lines that are breed over years are not as realistic. Once the beekeeper is removed ( or those that can't maintain) the lines get...
  18. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    Well its been 15yrs TF. I introduced stock from a VT queen raiser in 2010 if I remember correctly. The bees were absorbed into the apiary and really no issue occured no crashing of any kind. ...
  19. Re: Oh Crap.... My TF Hives are Crashing!!!!!

    So what happens when you have a TF apiary for 10+ yrs things look good. Now you start bringing in fresh stock? Now what happens?
  20. Re: My Bees Are So Quiet! Is This Normal???

    yes it is.
  21. Re: Impact of location on treatment-free beekeeping...

    1. hardiness zone;
    4a and 4b

    2. how long you have been treatment free;
    15 yrs.

    3. what success (or lack thereof) you have seen;
    Initial losses were around 70%. Now losses are like anyone...
  22. Re: Frame wiring question. Heat embed after crimping?

    If I could make a recommendation about eyelets. They are very time consuming, I traded them in probably 12-14 yrs ago when I started making my own foundation. Using a paper stapler from walmart or...
  23. Re: Frame wiring question. Heat embed after crimping?

    I use a modified 5 horizontal wire setup. I crimp with wire crimper. Use a car battery charger to embed the foundations. Been doing it that way for years.
  24. Re: Planning for my TF 2016 season and need some advice

    well it contains bees. 21202 Yes I have a mill from Tom Industries, and make my own foundation. I buy a little dadant 4.9 when wax supply is low. Along with some foundationless and plastic 4.9.
  25. Re: when do i do the winterizing of the hives?

    I start rotating honey combs into the weaker hives or feeding around the middle of Sept. A little earlier if fall flows are poor. I wrap and insulate when the killing frosts come end of oct/ early...
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