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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    I just spent half an hour watching lovely birds like these hunting in my apiary today. The European Bee eater really is a fantastic sight, very agile and effective hunter. Just hope they enjoyed some...
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    Re: Let's make a better vaporizer

    Luckily the Bees fanning distributes the OAV throughout the hive, you can see this in action if you leave the entrance or the crown board open a little. The vapor is expelled in pulses as the hive...
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    Re: Arrangement of hives in an apiary...

    Seeley recommends placing the hives 10 meters apart and with entrances facing different directions
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    Re: Let's make a better vaporizer

    Looks like the housing for a water meter to me too.

    The heat gun used in the video is a very expensive unit, top of the range...
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    Re: Your favorite Bee Keeping book?

    Life is a joke sometimes. I live 15 minutes drive from a city called Freiburg Germany, where the Koenigers went to university and about a hours drive from where most of the research was done, they...
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    Re: Your favorite Bee Keeping book?

    The Biology of the honey bee Mark L. Winston. A go to book when you are looking for answers.
    Queen Rearing L.E. Snelgrove
    Einfach imkern Dr Gerhard Liebig. A shame its only printed in German
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    Re: Struggling with queen cells...

    I thought 9mm was the right size (it is here in Germany), I wonder if that would make a difference.
  8. Re: Oxalic Acid treatment method, "Split and treat".

    The Rotation system videos are indeed excellent, but the treatment methods are not the same as "split and Treat", which was tried first at the university of Hochenheim in 2005 by Dr Gerhard Libig....
  9. Re: Oxalic Acid treatment method, "Split and treat".

    I would be concerned about keeping a queen caged for so long, they way we do it has the advantage that the queen keeps laying so there is no loss of brood and the combined colony is actually...
  10. Re: How important is hive being closed after OAV?

    I don't seal the hive at all, wide entrance and screened bottom board, all wide open. I don't have mite problem after treating with OAV.
  11. Oxalic Acid treatment method, "Split and treat".

    First find the queen and place her in a hive body with drawn comb on the original stand with a frame of stores, no brood. She gets all the field bees. The hive is treated the next day with OAV or OA...
  12. Re: A Study in Box Hive Construction and Function

    The hive is worked from the front, so to avoid the flight path, the entrance is on the side.

    Comb cut out from the "open space" super
  13. Re: Any videos on actual grafting? 5 attempts, 3 takes, 1 mated queen...

    His success rate is very very good.

    The Grafter is a university qualified Master Beekeeper and is now a commercial beekeeper.
  14. Re: Any videos on actual grafting? 5 attempts, 3 takes, 1 mated queen...
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    Re: New Hive Scale Record Gain in One Day!

    a few designs using the Raspberry PI, and it is all open source

    "HiveTool™ is a collection of readily available, off-the-shelf hardware and...
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    Re: Extractor-less honey by- "Honey Flow" - Flow Hive

    Maybe there is something else happening here.
    Perhaps the old fashioned way of beekeeping, just doesn't meet the needs of the modern bee haver.
    The Flow hive does a very good job of fulfilling...
  17. Re: The billion little things that make a beekeeper's life easier

    At the Hive Entrance – Heinrich Storch . 70 pages of what to look for at the hive entrance year round.

    download it here...
  18. Re: Impressions on beekeeping with a Warré or Gatineau hive

    google warre hive lift, there are many different lifts out there, I just use my back.
  19. Re: Help Deciding between Warre and Langstroth

    I have a few Warre hives, or more precisely Roger Delon hives. Normally I avoid these discussions on hive types.
    I do think there are some differences to the Warre type hives.

    One is the bottom...

    That extractor looks very interesting...
  21. Re: propane insect fogger and FGMO as varoa treatment ?

    The link provided above answers your questions.
  22. Re: propane insect fogger and FGMO as varoa treatment ?

    There are lots of foggers gathering dust that beekeepers have used with FGMO. I tried it. Imported a fogger from England, cost me a fortune, what a waste of money.
    Try doing a search on what...
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    Re: Pollen Identification

    A German site. Cut and paste the names of the plants into google translate and you should be able work it out.
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    Re: Firefox problems

    Yes I am, I had the same problems. Firefox crashed at least once an hour, what a pain. Not had a crash since I followed your Gurus advice. Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Is it worth trying to save?

    No entrance on the week hive.

    I don't have an answer for you, they just don't. Maybe it is because my bees are Carnica and they are less aggressive than other strains. I know some other...
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