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    Re: Another post about mites...

    Always count your blessings;), The other just makes me :lpf:, what about the ones you didn't see?
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    Re: Where are my varroa mites?

    I don't know why you don't see them, but I do know where they are (in the boxes with the bees):D. Try opening a couple of those drone brood cells, if they are still around, I am sure you will get an...
  3. Re: Second Cutout coming this weekend!

    No they shouldn't, you figured right (bee space). The video is interesting :D. I like to be very careful when pulling boards, sheetrock, etc. off where the colony is located because sometimes the...
  4. Re: Second Cutout coming this weekend!

    If you get her in a clip, why wait to release her until the next morning? She would most likely be fine, but why wait? That goes for opening the entrance too, sooner than later is better in my...
  5. Re: Video of bears playing in backyard swimming pool in New Jersey

    I'll take this over being Yogi'd any day:D
  6. Re: greetings from the high rockies

    Welcome from your neck of the woods! Be sure to join the sub forum Rocky Mountain Beekeepers, if your interested.
  7. Re: Second Cutout coming this weekend!

    Famous last words :eek:, but good hints. I would also ditch the bright light ideal. In my experience it only attracts bees and if it is a high powered halogen you will notice a distinct bee burning...
  8. Re: Take out from inside-panelling question

    Relying on your ear against the wall might be setting yourself up for disappoint once the plywood is off, but should give you the general area. Good advice on the containment area and covering walls...
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    Re: why do they call now?

    Yes you should, I am always left wondering why people WORK for free:scratch: In an outyard?
  10. Re: Second Cutout coming this weekend!

    Chainsaw may be overkill, bring more frames, boxes, & buckets than you think you will need. I would ditch the smoke, it just drives the bees further in the structure (especially the queen). I would...
  11. Re: Could honey from in the walls of an old house have made me sick?

    What happen to the rest of the bees? Honey from cutouts, as mentioned can be suspect, but I thought your friend ate it also?
  12. Re: What is the true cost of foundationless?

    Priceless, if you don't drop all of the FL frames into a box, and expect everything to come out straight:eek:
  13. Re: Treatment Free Successes and Failures in a Cold Climate Zone

    Roland, your SO crazy ;). Not in those zones, but can say there's always something to do in the bee yard.
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    Re: nucs and packages from Matt Roy

    The nucs were made "Johnny on the Spot"? Why wait till after winter? Was it an overwintered nuc? What about bee keeper error?;)
  15. Re: Removing Bees from Wall Cavity??

    Famous last words:D Expect the unexpected. For instance, there may have been a previous hive there, & "the swarm" capitalized on what was already there. Also depending on the size of "the swarm"...
  16. Re: Queenless splits - what is best way to reintroduce to original hives?

    Why not use the "wimpy" capped queen cells, to solve your queen less problem? How many frames of bees are now in these nucs? I doubt you would see any eggs or queens in two weeks, depending on how...
  17. Re: Removing Bees from Wall Cavity??

  18. Re: Can anyone identify what this is?

    I have never used it, so it sounds true, besides I read it on the internet, so it must be true:lpf: however, I am not so sure I would use this on/in an active hive:scratch:
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    Re: which one do you perfer and why

    I prefer wood frames with two horizontal cross wires & a starter strip (jumbo Popsicle stick or 1/2 inch wax foundation). Why? Because it's all I know & the bees have never complained:D
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    Re: honey bee healthy

    Depends on who you ask. Is the sugar water one puts it in?
  21. Re: Can bees in a finished column be removed?

    Agis Apiaries, no one wants to hear the truth of that.;) or the prolonged maintenance of the area they were trapped out of. And we haven't even began to write about the time & success rate of the...
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    Re: Is this a virgin queen?

    I don't know if she has fornificated or not, but it appears to be a queen to me;)
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    Re: Supers

    I would wait, but things can change quickly, so keep your head in the box periodically to see the status of the other frames.
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    Re: do I need to act?

    I wouldn't, especially if the bins were closed?
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    Re: URGENT Swarm Trap Question

    Give them time to move in(a couple hours max), & if they don't move in, perhaps shaking them in another box. In my experience, if they are at the front door:cool:, they will move in, & probably have...
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