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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    I think we will see a steady increase in the price. I had a long conversation with the owner of what is stated on their web site as the worlds largest honey processor, which i'll not name you can...
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    Re: Payment on Pollination

    Get paid up front,unless your dealing with a huge farm,like almonds or blueberry growers. Beekeepers waiting on a honey crop will stiff you too.
    Once the crop is pollinated you have no leverage,...
  3. Re: Next year (2013) an estimated 1.7 to 1.8 million hives will be required to Almond

    I'm with Ted, it's not worth it at the 1.90 paid right now for citrus honey, keeping them here for honey production puts more than a 100 bill under the lid and the bees are much better than being...
  4. Re: strawberry's.... never see bees on there flowers

    I don't know where all the other roses are located, but Plant city ,has over 5000 acres of strawberries grown each year, and is the strawberry capital of Florida and Florida is second in the USA...
  5. Re: strawberry's.... never see bees on there flowers

    A foot note, there are growers here that rent bees for strawberry's , it s a cheap hedge considering the thousands of dollars per acre to grow them. According to those growers, bees help keep fruit...
  6. Re: strawberry's.... never see bees on there flowers

    Strawberry's are self pollinating needing no bees, as per the folks that develop new strains of plants at the Univ. of Florida field office in Dover florida, next to Plant City florida a leader in...
  7. Re: Bobcat with forklift mast, or without, vs Hummerbee!!!!!!!!

    All I own is bobcats, but after watching my mich buddies run swingers , I would consider one if the price wasn't so high. Anyone can climb on and figure it out , a bobcat takes some learning to be...
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    Re: pollinating services for pumpkins

    Why do you guys want to work so cheap, OMG, replacing dead outs costs , the 100.00 per hive is more on the money, I'd rather make honey for anything less and the bees look way better.
    Have fun if...
  9. Re: high survival year = lower package and nuc demand

    Warming up ? We just finished right at 200 splits saturday, have drones and drone brood going strong, and are moving bees into citrus groves with open bloom (which is 2 to 3 weeks early) as we speak...
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    Re: 10 drums of slumgum

    Without a tank to heat it in and a press you won't get all the wax out of it. Depending on how you collect it when you drum it, you could get upwards to 75 to 100 lbs of saved wax per drum if you...
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    Re: Feeder Frames

    expect everything to bee sticky, some will spill out.
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    Sticky: Re: Bulk honey prices and market outlook

    You may need to make a few more calls, I got 1.30 from the larger florida packer, and got a quote of 1.40 from a large east coast packer, and hear 1.50 floating around from the mid west.
  13. Re: Looking for Bulk Sugar Source in Georgia aka Scrap Sugar

    I ve got it in central florida, It's mostly food grade, every now and then there is a speck of something . It's in bins or super sacks, weight varies, but 600 to 2000 lbs each average.
    You pick up...
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