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    Re: New England Bee Keepers0

    Oxford CT I had two hives go into winter and lost both.

    One was super weak and I didn't expect it to last. It was a swarm we caught and placed in a hive and then they made a crazy comb much...
  2. Re: I neglected my hive and they're all over the place in there.

    Yeah I had an empty box on top that I meant to use to feed them. I probably will just leave them alone till spring. My concern is moisture mostly. I'm waiting for the temps to start dropping so I can...
  3. I neglected my hive and they're all over the place in there.

    So about three weeks ago I caught my hive splitting. Climbed a tree to get one of them. Since then I was overwhelmed with life. Fast forward today and they are doing way better then I expected. I...
  4. Re: February Crocus and a Dandelion on CT shoreline...???

    I've been seeing them come up for a few weeks, but no flowering here in the Oxford(inland valley area). I hope spring is here soon.
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    Re: Dead Hive

    I feel your pain. I'm from CT. Last summer was my first yr. I bought two nucs from a local apiary. Got them late. Fed them gallons of sugar water when I got them. stopped for the summer and then fed...
  6. New beekeeper question about bottom screen

    Just checked on my week old nuc bottom screen and was surprised how much debris I found. What exactly am I looking at?
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    Re: Used equipment

    This year will be my first time as a bee keeper and I'm using my fathers and grand father's old hives. I'm cheap so my plan is to torch them really well, repaint them, and replace the wax foundation....
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