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    Re: Top entrance only

    "Brood-rearing temperature control can be accomplished only if the brood is reared in a compact area. Thus, in its evolution, a natural separation of the food and brood developed. In the modern hive,...
  2. Re: Cut Comb Honey. Foundation Vs. No Foundation

    I used to use a starter strip but decided it wasn't necessary. Now I just turn down the top-bar wedge on new frames or use an old empty frame and they draw the comb just fine.

  3. Re: Cut Comb Honey. Foundation Vs. No Foundation

    I don't want to chew on commercial wax even if it is "thin foundation". Foundationless comb honey is the best!

    Natural Comb Honey
  4. Re: Wondering if anyone here has considered horizontal Lang hives?

    Easy and cheap to build from 1x8, 2x8, and plywood scraps.


    Also makes a nice platform for wintering nucs.
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    Re: new bee questions

    Are bees found in vertical nests in trees because the they prefer vertical nests or because hollow tree cavities are for the most part vertical? I have always considered bees to be opportunists. I...
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    Re: Frames from 2x4's

    The PF-100 frames (left) have a much larger gap between the sidebars than the PF-120 frames (right).

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    Re: Frames from 2x4's

    Having no gaps between the frame sidebars is the same configuration as HoneySuperCell and to a great extent PF-120 frames.

    1214 1215
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    Re: KTBH in northern wisconisn

    I see TBH on raised stands and TBH setting on the ground. Do you think there is an advantage of one over the other for wintering in northern zones?
  9. Re: What's your opinion on honey super cell?

    Since the comb is already drawn, so to speak, is there any need to feed during this two weeks?
  10. Re: Anyone seen or used this lift? Or one like it?

    ...or build one!
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    Re: Honey Super Cell web site moved

    The endbars on the ones I bought in December measure 36 mm wide and the comb is 24 mm thick. Do the math and you have 12 mm bee space between the combs.

    For the metric challenged:...
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    Re: Creamed Honey advice

    This method works well for me.

    The Dyce Method for Creamed Honey Production
  13. Re: Kelly's to make 1-1/4" wide frames?

    Sure, I would buy them in mediums tomorrow.
  14. Re: Least amount of honey you've seen, and still wintered

    Back when I had Warré hives I had a colony of Russians survive their first winter in a single box with just little less than six full Warré combs (approx 12" by 8" each). Here is a photo looking up...
  15. Re: Trimming the end bars on PF120 frames

    A low angle block plane worked great and is much quicker than I thought. The current PF-120 top bar is 1" wide so shaving 1/16" off each side of the end bars leaves a full 1/4" bee space between the...
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