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    Rossman report

    Ordered a new Italian queen from Rossman Sunday night, it was delivered by Priority Mail Wednesday ! Arrived live and well with attendants. Quite pleased am I.
  2. Re: Get started right with FREE record keeping software

    I rise in defense of the gentleman from Hive Tracks, not because I use his product, which I don't (and that's no commentary on the product either, I just don't have many hives), but because:
    a), I...
  3. Queen laying in super - What should I do ?

    I reversed the brood boxes a few weeks ago (maybe a month), and left a medium super of honey (low-grade late season honey) to make it through all the chilly days of March. Also added a hive-top...
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    Re: nail guns

    I've been pretty happy with my Porter-Cable nail guns.
  5. Re: How to badly teach a beekeeping class; or, things not to do:

    Kids certainly have a natural enthusiasm for learning about bees and beekeeping...and it's a great starting point to lead into other discussions about food and insects and farming and ....well, a...
  6. Re: How to badly teach a beekeeping class; or, things not to do:

    You material sells itself. Take some props along... an observation hive would be great, but might not be possible. Even if you take a nuc, with a couple frames, talk about the queen, and the...
  7. How to badly teach a beekeeping class; or, things not to do:

    How to badly teach a beekeeping class; or, things not to do:

    Put 100+ people in a long shoebox of a room, but no stage for the presenters, so no one beyond the 4th row can see what's going on...
  8. Bleach for cleaning hivetop feeder ?

    Is it safe to use a dilute solution of bleach to clean/sanitize a hivetop feeder ?

    I used it last spring, and the bees cleaned it out, but it's been sitting in the garage ever since and I'd like...
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    Re: Fancy Garden Hive

    I really like that. I'd buy a couple.
  10. Re: Queen gone, or just takin' a break ?

    Yes...In the middle of the frame..seemed kinda small...
  11. Queen gone, or just takin' a break ?

    Inspected the hive after a break of about 4 weeks. Hive had been doing quite well, filling out two deeps (drawing comb and filling it - and I probably should have put a medium super on that a cuple...
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    Re: Something gross?

    a) What are you infected with that makes your urine so nasty ?

    b) You can call it "bee vomit." Strictly speaking, since yeast consume sugars to produce alcohol as a metabolic byproduct/waste,...
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    Re: 2010 packages

    Sure, you can shave things a little bit, put 1/2 lb less bees in each package and after five packages you've got another for "free." Some might say, "caveat emptor," let the buyer beware, but the...
  14. Re: My Daughters first hive package install pictures.

    Man, that is so great. How old is she ? My five-year-old girls can already quote more bee biology and hive management than most people on the street, and they love sitting by the hive and watching...
  15. Re: Question on bees reusing wax from burr comb.

    Yes, boiling the SUGAR water will carmelize it if you let it got hot enough. Instead, boil the WATER, turn off the heat, then add the sugar. Won't be hot enough to carmelize the sugar, but will...
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    BeeWeaver - Good experience

    I ordered a nuc from BeeWeaver of Texas this spring. I'm very pleased with the customer service (they kept me informed by email on nearly a daily basis as the drop-off date approached), timed the...
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    Re: RicDuck ;)

    My sister-in-law also had an excellent experience picking up her bees (nuc) from RicDuck of Missouri !
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    Re: Installed my first two hives!! (Video)

    Great video.
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    Re: Another stupid question????

    Well, that would be stupid then, not ignorant!
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    Re: New Guy In Kansas

    Lawrence, Kansas myself....
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    Re: Small cell hand emboser??

    Hand embosser...interesting idea...are you hoping such a thing exists, or have you seen such a device and are hoping to acquire one ? I'm assuming you DON'T mean a roller mill; rather more like a...
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    Re: Easy 5-frame nuc plans

    "DOH!" Big "duh!" on me ! SHoulda scrolled down !
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    Re: Easy 5-frame nuc plans

    Very nice. I might have me a weekend project now !

    Dimensions on the entrance hole ?
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    Re: Car tyre as hive stand?

    Sounds like something Jeff Foxworthy might say....

    "If yew put yer hive on an old truck might be a redneck!"
  25. Re: Illinois Public Health: Honey a threat like spinach, peanut butter

    [QUOTE=honeydreams;510340]i did not say right vs left i said progessive. and brenda if one brings up a bill thats being voted on then its politics[QUOTE]

    No, it's economics, not politics. An...
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