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  1. Thread: inner cover

    by psfred

    Re: inner cover

    Mainly to keep the top cover from sticking to the top of the hive, but they also provide considerable insulation and moisture control in the winter, plus a great place for bees to dry honey in the...
  2. Re: brood chamber is in the top deep....what should I do?

    They will expand down as the weather improves. Not sure why you would have three deeps for winter though, that's a bit more space than they really need, I think, since you have fairly mild winters...
  3. Thread: New hives

    by psfred

    Re: New hives

    It's not the rabbet that is a pain to cut, it's the matching finger on the side board. A simple box joint jig cuts all the fingers the same size and depth. The offset for the end boards is achieved...
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    Re: Best Top Hive Feeder?

    I like the one's Kelley Bee sells, holds four gallons of syrup and is screened to keep the bees inside. Very little drowning and you can fill without the bees getting out.

    Jars through an inner...
  5. Thread: New hives

    by psfred

    Re: New hives

    The only difficulty with the full width rabbet is that it's a real pain to cut on a table saw with a standard box jig, you have to make two. I have not had one break yet cutting them short, but we...
  6. Re: Making a steel hive stand for multiple hives. How many?

    Bees can only count to three, so six hives close together in a row will result in considerable drift. I would do sets of three (which is probably what I will do when I put some hives up the hill...
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    Re: Scoring inside of hive

    Bees coat everything with propolis at about the same rate no matter what it is in the hive. The frames that I've used once are obviously coated, and the coating gets deeper every year, to the point...
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    Re: Entrance reducer removal

    I have been taking mine out when the hive gets up to full strength and the spring flow is on. They go back in after honey harvest in June, since robbing is a problem here for at least two months in...
  9. Re: Since 1980 this is the worst April Non-flow I have every seen...

    Same issue here, had to reduce the amount of comb in the hive to keep the wax moths/hive beetles under control. Colony size is way behind last year, but they are finally brooding up after I fed them...
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    Re: Inspection questions

    A partial protein patty and half a gallon of syrup will see them through, although if the comb is full of brood they won't need so much protein for a few weeks until the new bees emerge.

    I've run...
  11. Re: Whats the best way to straighten plastic foundation?

    This is why a friend of mine stopped using plastic foundation -- it warps sometimes, and it cannot be straightened. Some of his looked really bad.

    I've not seen any warpage with what little I...
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    Re: Unsure of how to help cold bees

    Do not open the hive until it warms up.

    The bees will be fine, they have plenty of food (they have been drawing wax and storing syrup down in the cluster already) and will bunch up and stay warm...
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    Re: Freeze warning question

    Leave the board in all the time, it's way too cold to leave it open right now.

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    Re: Day 5 and into the hive

    Eggs are really hard to see at first, and even now unless it's old brood comb and the light is right I can barely see them.

    What I look for is "milk brood" -- the queen starts laying in the center...
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    Re: SHB's aka Small Hive Beetles

    SHB fly further than bees, and even if you have none now, they will find a weak hive.

    DO NOT feed protein patties to weak hives in the summer, you will raise millions of SHB instead. Dry protein...
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    Re: New Package Absconded

    Old brood comb, even if it's in bad shape, a frame of stores, and a rainy day are all helpful in keeping a package in the hive.

    It is quite possible that you had a queen in the package outside the...
  17. Re: Are you really losing money if you let your bees swarm?

    If you let them swarm you lose half (or more, potentially ALL) of your bees. Half a hive of bees isn't going to make much surplus, it takes as many bees as you can get to fill supers.

    Even splits...
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    Re: feeding a package

    I'd feed sugar syrup unless you have a jar feeder you can put in the hive. Otherwise, bees will smell the honey and rob out the package at once. Open honey is bad news around here, too many feral...
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    Re: Installed package. Pain ensued! Help

    Depends on the weather. I got stung in the armpit today pulling an empty feeder off my hive to use on my new packages. Sleeve slipped out of the glove, I think. Nasty weather, grumpy bees, and I...
  20. Thread: No Shake Hiving

    by psfred

    Re: No Shake Hiving

    I did this two ways this year, one hive I was short on frames for so I put the box in with the hole up, queen suspended between frames beside the box. All the bees but one or two (and the dead ones)...
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    Re: Telescopic Covers

    Cut a slot in a 2x4 at 45 degrees along a corner using your thinnest table saw blade. Maybe 1/2" deep.

    Put the sheet edge into the slot and bend it over using the 2x4 on two sides -- this will...
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    Re: No shake package install

    We tried a "no shake" method this year, either putting the box in a deep with some frames to the side with the queen cage between them, or lying sideways on top with an empty medium over the deep. ...
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    Re: Do bees prep a new home before swarming

    I don't know about prepping a hive, but if they are building comb in there someone appears to be quite serious about moving in.

    The bees moving in and out is a sign that they are scouting out a...
  24. Re: How fast would a shaken hive find way into new hive?

    I would have just bought a new queen and re-queened the hive, queens are readily available now.

    As to how long it takes, it's essentially instant. As soon as the bees lose the scent of a queen,...
  25. Re: Hive was completely dead when I opened it last month

    Is there any honey left in the hive? If not, they starved and froze when the honey ran out.

    If there is honey left, look in the brood comb. Tiny white specks stuck to the sides indicates a...
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