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  1. Re: brood chamber is in the top deep....what should I do?

    Leave them alone. It will move down when the honey starts coming in.
  2. Re: How to vacuum seal mason jars without heat?

    From Aurora you could drive 1000-2000 feet up in the mountains, put the lids on and then drive home. I buy my jars 1200 feet in elevation below my house and on the way home I hear 6 dozen jars...
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    Poll: Re: Do you smoke the bees?

    Depends on the time of year. All of my bees are little angels right now so I mostly use it to herd bees. But yes I always have it ready.
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    I don't either. The 6 that I "helped" are now successful double deeps and will be used for honey production. I'm using other hives for grafts and cell builders. It's just that when I need to...
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    Re: Definition of a nuc?

    I do sometimes. I use them for places to put excess bees from my production hives that look too strong for the time of year. So usually starting in March I'll take frames of bees and brood from...
  6. Re: Here we go....first rookie question in here...

    This is one of those "should I buy a red car or a blue car" questions. It doesn't matter. It just depends on what you want to do. I rarely feed so I don't leave feeders in. If you decide to feed...
  7. Re: Spring thing I didn't see coming- is this an annual event??

    Yes, followed by:

    1. Do I mix 2:1 by weight or volume?
    2. My bees won't move up.
    3. And the always popular...should I use an queen excluder.
  8. Re: Heavy dead-out not being robbed, doesn't look CCDish. What gives?

    At this time of year I don't have to worry much about honey frames left out. We are not in our honey flow but there is nectar to be found. Now if this was August just walking by the bee yard with a...
  9. Poll: Re: How long does it take you find your queen(s)?

    There are a lot of "it depends". I have a harder time finding dark queens than Italian's. If she is on frame 2 it takes less time than if she is on frame 18. If it's June and the hive is stuffed...
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    Re: Installed package. Pain ensued! Help

    Honey-4-all is correct, especially about them being caged less than 24 hours. Any time you shake (transport,or generally make them mad) bees they will be upset for a while. I would have probably...
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    Re: Transfering a NUC weather question

    I personally wouldn't worry about a nuc. You can talk with the seller about how long he thinks it will fit in the nuc box, but normally a week or two isn't a big issue at all. If it is a weak nuc...
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    Re: Pulling Queens just before the main flow

    I've tried this in the past without any great results and some problems. I tried it a couple of years ago with one of my strongest hives with my cut comb supers (I went excluderless). They did okay...
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    Re: one frame of bees

    I use those kind of hives to put extra bees and brood from hives that I think are taking off too fast. I think that it was last year that I had a hive that had dwindled to a couple of cups of bees. ...
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    Re: A Must Read about QEs & Top Entrances

    Last year I had two hives (I don't normally like upper entrances but I let these two go through the year that way) that exclusively used an upper entrance which was over an excluder during the flow. ...
  15. Thread: ABJ Update

    by beedeetee

    Re: ABJ Update

    So you don't believe that either of these is true?
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    Re: Touched bear fence

    Sorry laketrout, I missed that little fact. Something to think about though is that for me to keep bears out even with an electric fence I have a two stage fence. The inside fence is just a simple...
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    Re: Touched bear fence

    Personally I would alternate hot and ground wires on my fence in your situation.
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    Re: Whiten up the comb--how to?

    Personally I prefer darker comb in the brood area. It makes inspections easier by simply glancing at comb to see eggs and small larva. New wax mean I have to concentrate unless I'm using black...
  19. Re: Ruhl Bee Supply (RBS) is merging with Brushy Mountain Bee Farm.

    Are they going to eventually change the name to Brushy Mt?
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    Re: Placement of hives for best pollination

    In a year with plenty of flying time there may not be a big difference but in years with very little flying time during the bloom you may find that some areas get adequate pollination and others very...
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    Re: Honey Creamer

    I use clear jars also. My favorite creamed honey doesn't flow though...unless you are talking days to weeks. What I strive for is creamed honey that you can effortlessly take a knife and cut out an...
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    Re: Comb Containers

    I use the hard cases. I sell mine for $12 and have sold out each year that I have sold them. I don't sell all that much (I sold 100 of them in 2014) but I like being able to stack them and adding...
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    Re: Grapes and Bees

    I have my hives within about 200' of my 200 wine grape vines up in Elmira, OR. The bees don't split the grapes, but if the grapes have powdery mildew one of the problems is that the grapes will...
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    Re: Sideliner Profitability Study

    One thing that would concern me is whether I could reliably get 70 queens by March 1. I don't think that the timing works without buying queens. Also, I've been raising my own queens since 2007...
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    Re: Weather change. Dead bees

    My view is that I hope to see a few dead bees out front hives. That means that someone is inside and they are trying to keep the hive clean. When I find a hive with no dead bees I start to wonder...
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