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  1. Re: My new nuc boxes. No a paint factory did not explode!

    That is really cool!!!
  2. Re: Tree Pollens: Where do Boxelder trees fit in the scheme of things?

    The box elder is a member of the maples. One of the later maples to bloom. From what I have read, several sources have stated that bees work Box Elder for pollen and nectar. One source was the...
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    Re: SHB Next Door

    I think it is best practice to tear down failing hives. No reason to allow pests to gain any foothold.

    Are you sure all the bees are dead? Sometimes you can save a dwindling hive by shrinking...
  4. Re: Bee Removal, Frisco Texas (preston and Eldorado)

    Very good advice,

    Since they have no brood to care for, you should be able to get the foragers quickly.

  5. Re: I have a dark queen...what does that mean?

    I would question the logic of lighter queens being more desirable. Many, maybe most, of our local queens are darker.

  6. Thread: Storm Damage

    by tsmullins

    Re: Storm Damage

    Even if you have lost queens, the survivors should be able to make a new queen. With the time of year being early, hopefully the will rebound quickly.

    Sorry for you losses,

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    Re: Used Hives, Wax Moth History

    I would be inclined to pass. Freezing kills wax moth larvae and SHB, but not AFB. AFB spores can last for 75 years. AFB spores are very hard to kill.
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    Re: Used Hives, Wax Moth History

    The subkect of used equipment comes up fairly often. AFB might be a bigger concern.
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    Re: 9:15 pm, post office has my bees...

    "Just have never installed bees when it's dark out."

    Perhaps one should not hive bees when it is dark out. :)
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    Re: 9:15 pm, post office has my bees...

    I would not try to hive the packages if it is dark. Nothing good will come of it.
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    Re: Another question about patties....

    Unused patties can attract pests like ants and SHB. I would remove them. If it is sugar, let it dissolve in water and feed as syrup. Or store it dry for later use.
  12. Re: Over wintered hive mess. Clean up advice

    1. Without knowing how much brood is in the bottom box, hard to say if you need to split or not. We like to do our first splits shortly before our swarm season starts. About May 1st. But if we...
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    Re: Need to get the girls in the air

    Virginia clematis would be a good choice. Blooms during our dearth as well. It is not overly aggressive either.
  14. Re: Is this a swarm cell, and if so - now what???

    Hard for me to tell from the pictures,

    But the queen cell on the bottom of the frame appears to have recently emerged. They do appear to be backfilling. Three queen cells would suggest a...
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    Re: keeping just nucs

    I would be inclined to say yes. We overwinter five frame or less nucs. We are in zone 6a. Our nucs have a much better survival rate than traditional double deep hives. Beekeeping is local. But I...
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    Re: Has your nectar flow began in VA?

    Same here in SW VA. Several minor flows. Henbit, flowering cherries and Dandelions for sure. Maybe a bit of maple left. Redbud has flowered, bees should start working it in a week. Our Bradford...
  17. Re: 2 questions: Time to Split and nuc body size

    1. Splitting before swarming is a very good idea. Beekeeping is local. It is too early to split for us. We try to split just before swarm season starts. For us that is around early May. But as...
  18. Re: How long should I have the entrance reducer on the smallest opening

    Keep in mind, beekeeping is local. In our region, we find almost no robbing this time of year. I would be inclined to move to the next largest opening.
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    Re: Is this a dead queen?

    Doesn't look like a queen to me either.
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    Re: First trapout of 2015

    Looks like a nice trap setup. Hope it works well for you.
  21. Re: Removing hive with out tearing out the wall?

    Beesource member Cleo Hogan has a very effective plan for trapping out colonies inside cavities. Do a search for trap out and you should get hits.

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    Re: Swarms Attracted to Existing Hives?

    It is my belief that swarms are attracted to beeyards. I have had occasion where we inspected every hive during swarm season. After finishing, we noticed an average sized swarm had landed on a...
  23. Re: What do you do when you see supersedure cells?

    My bad,

    I missed the less.

  24. Re: What do you do when you see supersedure cells?

    When I see supercedure cells, I leave them alone.

    Five cells seems just a tad high for supercedure.

  25. Re: Bees won't pull new comb or use pulled comb

    Toss some foundationless frames in, they will probably pull it out. Some bees just don't like plastic. Then again, some of our bees pull it fine.

    It is pretty odd they swarm even with pulled...
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