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    Re: Our bees are all dead please help

    Your posts suggest that you tried to use "organic" methods to overwinter colonies that were not mite tolerant. Go back to the basics of beekeeping, there are indications that multiple errors were...
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    Re: 8 or 10 frame

    Cleat has a lot of different meanings depending on how the word is used.

    a wedge-shaped block fastened to a surface to serve as a check or support: He nailed cleats into the sides of the bookcase...
  3. Re: Question/observation from a first year Beek.

    If your primary concern is whether they have enough honey to last out the remainder of winter, you could use a scale to weigh them. A hive with bottom board, top cover, and two deep Langstroth 10...
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    Re: 100 Hives stolen in Lodi, Ca

    That is 25,000 dollars worth of bees and equipment plus loss of a pollination fee @$17,000.
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    Sticky: Re: squarepeg 2015 treatment free experience

    The big news today is that I have flying drones from one colony. This is the earliest I've seen drones ready to go. The colony they are in is a particularly strong double deep Langstroth. At this...
  6. Re: georgia bee supply has a 7 frame hive (thoughts)

    Old bee books document a lot of experimentation with hive size, frame count, frame size, etc. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the equipment and make a decision based on what is best for...
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    Re: Wax Dipping

    300 degrees is higher than the flash point of many kinds of wax. Best to check it before you smoke it!
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    Eduardo, it is not specifically the act of feeding that is a problem, it is feeding large amounts that causes problems. 4 liters of feed to a decent size colony has negligible effect. 20 liters fed...
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    Brother Adam wrote that extensive fall feeding was detrimental to bees and stated that it was better to feed a limited amount if needed in fall and then do more extensive feeding in spring. Reading...
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    And therein lies the rub with most beekeeping systems that rely on the equivalent of a single deep Langstroth hive. One way or another, you wind up having to feed the bees. Considering the...
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    This is really an interesting question because of the implications underlying it. Which is the most productive of bees? Which produces the most honey? Which is most cost efficient? From past...
  12. Re: Kirk Webster January 2016: FERAL AND MANAGED COLONIES

    Mark, it is neither, it is a statement of fact. The point I made is that genetics is not understood just as gravity is not understood. We don't have to understand gravity to know it is there just...
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    Re: Finger joint machine for sale

    Near Scottsboro? If so, can I come by and look at it?
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    Re: Value of used equipment.

    A general rule when buying used equipment is that it is worth 40% of new value with the single exception of drawn combs. I would offer $125 for the equipment described.
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    Re: Odd commercial route

    Contact the state dept of ag & industries and verify that we now have an exception allowing colonies to be inspected and allowed into the state.

    Phone: 334-240-7237
    Fax: 334-240-7168
  16. Re: jumbo or extra-large hive bodies - source?

    Warrior, I replied to your message, please give me a call sometime over the next week.
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    Re: Treatment Free and 2/3 year survival

    That model is predicated on certain factors such as bees that are susceptible to varroa. The model will not always fit reality.
  18. Re: Kirk Webster January 2016: FERAL AND MANAGED COLONIES

    Conventional science says that you have to load bees up with chemicals to keep them alive and productive. The fact that my bees are alive and thriving after 11 years with no treatment provides...
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    Re: Beeless for the very first time

    Mites are one issue. Mice are another. Mice are totally preventable. Failure to put mouse guards on is a cardinal sin in beekeeping.
  20. Re: I'd like to tap the cumulative knowledge of commercial beekeepers

    Mark, I have thick skin and an attitude of d__n the torpedos, full steam ahead. I'm not likely to get hurt, but thanks for the concern.
  21. Re: Trade wax for pine tree resin anyone?

    How much wax do you need?
  22. Re: Kirk Webster January 2016: FERAL AND MANAGED COLONIES

    Mark, 1 year is enough if the selection pressure is intense enough. Think of it this way. If a disease is 100% effective at killing a given organism and if there are a very small number of...
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    Re: Comb honey

    I think there is a bit of misdirection that you are picking up on. To make comb honey, there are three ways to avoid a "fishbone" in the middle.

    The easiest way is to put a starter strip about an...
  24. Re: I'd like to tap the cumulative knowledge of commercial beekeepers

    Yes Mark, I asked in the commercial forum. I really wanted to see if any commercial beekeepers would think through the logistics of operating bees in these hives and perhaps could offer some advice...
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    Re: treatment free member listing

    Pretty well known here that I am in Hamilton, Alabama which is in the northwest corner of the state.
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