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  1. Re: Number of strips in MAQS sealed packages

    No instructions on package...there ended up being a note from the supplier to put one per hive bit I of course did not see it till after applying so my mistake. I will say this the manufacture does...
  2. Number of strips in MAQS sealed packages

    newbee here, i have 2 hives I started this spring, both have mites one 168 for 36 hrs the other 38. I purchased 4 treatments from a local supplier who sells individual packets instead of...
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    Size of newly hatch out queen?

    Was helping a friend look through his hive which he thought was queen less and he had found a couple of queen cells the week prior. In this inspection one of the cells had been opened. On the next...
  4. Did I jump the gun by adding second BB

    Newbie added second box a week ago to 19 day old package that had drawn out most of the 8 frames out of ten. things were starting to blossom well here in VT, so went and added it about 5...
  5. Re: bee sting she really got me good this time...

    Try benedril? Heard if you rub with plantain leaves ASAP it works well
  6. What to do with burr and brace comb?

    First year Vermont Beekeeper here. Is the burr and brace comb worth saving that tan stuff on the bottom and sides of the frame ? As we do our inspections we end up scrape off a small ping...
  7. Re: Advice Needed Swarm 50 ft in tree (not reachable) day two raining! Will they be o

    If you loose it northwood apiaries in Westfield by Eden vt might still have a nuc and does queens as well.
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    Re: Carpenter ants under top cover

    My hives are in a field with a few old stumps so I'm sure that is where the nest is
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    Carpenter ants under top cover

    So this afternoon I went to raise the back of the telescoping cover to allow for ventilation and when I peaked in there were about 10 carpenter ants trying to figure a way into the hive. The slot in...
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    Re: Build up on bottom of frame

    Sorry should of read (no queen cells)
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    Build up on bottom of frame

    My nuc has comb (queen cells) on bottom of frame with larvae inside. Do I leave or scrape off?
  12. Re: First summer like day after install...should I inspect

    Everything seemed fine in the nuc. Could not find the supercedure cell..I found a pretty large white pupa casement a couple of days after nuc was installed at the entrance. Could they of torn it...
  13. First summer like day after install...should I inspect

    Need to do my first inspection on my nuc and package...but also first really nice day weather wise here in VT, And the bees are pulling in pollen like mad. I need to pull the queen cage and make sure...
  14. Re: Morning Sun in the northeast (VT)

    Thank you everyone...especially bluegrass for the history lesson..I'll have to see if any of the relatives are still around...yes I have seen bear why hunting not to far from my house so they are...
  15. Morning Sun in the northeast (VT)

    I'm a newbie looking for a location to put my 1st hives on my 25 acres which most is wooded. I think I have only one option which is a 5 acre over grown field that I will strait reclaiming this...
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