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  1. Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    well I emailed Mann lake and here was the out come.

    Message Body:
    Order number: 163527
    Placed: 07/14/2014 18:51:06 EDT
    I received my order in the mail and opened the box labeled Pro Winter...
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    Re: I'm really new. How new....

    I am new too! I will be going in to my first winter this year. I think there are a few members from NC on here. I would recommend getting or borrowing a suit and ask to help them work their hives. I...
  3. Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    I will take a closer look at it but I think it is one block.!productInfo/1/
    now they say.

    Sorry, Pro Winter patties are...
  4. Re: Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    any one??
  5. Wow...just awsome works of art.

    stumbled on to this by accident while surfing the web. I don’t have the words to express the beauty in this profile!

    My favorite of the bunch!...
  6. Mann Lake's Pro Winter Patties

    So at the last bee meeting I was at, the state apiarist said that they have been having a lot of success with overwinter bees using winter patties. So I got on Mann Lake's website and ordered what I...
  7. Re: Thanks to y'all, I stopped robbing FAST!

    you can use Vitamin C instead of vinegar. It will help you get the ph closer to that of nectar and help with spoilage. If you do some searching you will find Michael talking about it as well as a guy...
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    Re: Most useful gadgets

    These work pretty good and for the price they can’t be beat. They spread the powder well enough that I have never gotten any piles...
  9. Re: red and orange liquid on the rear legs of a a bee or two

  10. Re: red and orange liquid on the rear legs of a a bee or two

    it stuck out like a marked queeen, other wise I would not of had noticed it.
  11. red and orange liquid on the rear legs of a a bee or two

    I was doing a powder dusting on a hive and saw some globs of what seemed to be liquid of some sort being carried on or around the pollen baskets area of some workers bees rear legs. I think I heard...
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    Re: Hop Guard II

    bee aware that just because your state approved use of the orgianl Hop Guard does not mean it approves use of HPII.
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    Re: Bee sting me under the veil

    works for me!!
  14. Re: Nebraska Beekeepers Sound Off!

    I am not officially a nebraskin but I work there and live in the losses hills north of mo valley.
    I am still trying to learn all the names of the flora around here but so far I know they are...
  15. Re: question about burr/cross comb removal

    Leave the burr comb between boxes.
    Here's one I think helps the bees, gives you a chance to monitor for mites on drone pupae and saves work. Leave the burr comb that goes from the bottom of one...
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    Re: Questions about comb length

    Well i am a first year guy so maybe I was aiming too high.
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    Re: Questions about comb length

    Thanks! Does this qualify me for top bar beekeeping too..:pI just got to remember to be very careful with the new unsupported comb.
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    Questions about comb length

    So I am working with two nucs that came in deeps but over time I hope to switch all the deep frames to medium since that is what hardware I have and want to use. Right now I am using shims on the...
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    Re: First Swarm Capture

  20. Re: Massive Die Off from SHB. Is There A Treatment Free Solution?

    Other than trapping them I am not aware of any non-chemical treatment. I have also heard that having the hive in ample sunlight “helps” with not getting them. I wish you luck you sound like your in a...
  21. Re: Trying Apivar this season. Any pros and cons?
    if you have not seen it yet.
  22. Re: Baking soda blaster for the application of powdered sugar.

    The 7th review down on the cheaper one actually mentions using it for sugar dusting for bees. This was a good find Phoebee I greatly appreciate your participation in this thread.:thumbsup:
  23. Re: Baking soda blaster for the application of powdered sugar.

    You need to read the link I posted on the first page of the part one of sugar application.
  24. Re: Honey Bee safe herbicides & pesticides

    neem oil from what I have read.
    Just make sure you keep it in its tempature range as it does brake down.
    "Weekly use of a neem oil...
  25. Re: Baking soda blaster for the application of powdered sugar.

    I would not use the term "need" but I would say quickly hitting the front entrance with just a crack in the top cover would be a bit faster than brushing the dust in. This is an IPM method that does...
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