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    Re: 8 frame or 10

    I have no original ideas of my own when it comes to beekeeping. Not one. Every practice I have tried, I first learned from talking with other beekeepers, reading books and magazines, and yes, even...
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    Re: 8 frame or 10


  3. Re: swarms HANGING AROUND longer than ever.

    I've never heard of a swarm hanging around that long. Is it possible they have started building comb there? Sometimes bees will build comb out in the open, rather than in a cavity.
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    Re: 8 frame or 10

    I switched over to all 8 frame mediums this year, and am generally happy with them. They are so much lighter than 10 frame deeps. It also makes equipment simpler: a frame is a frame, a super is a...
  5. Re: Bees are so agreesive and stinging through suit why?

    First off, be sure to wash your suit, including the veil and hat, before you go back out to the bee yard. The stingers leave a smell that label you as a threat. Also, bees can't get to you through...
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    Re: Anyone else keepng a log book?

    In the past I had a "farm journal" in which I kept notes on everything from fruit trees to honey bees. This year I now keep separate notes on just the bees. I have two books: the first is in...
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    Re: Hive tool PSA

    Knives are for cutting. Hive tools are for prying. I like my knives sharp and hive tools dull.
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    Re: Medium hives

    I converted over to all 8 frame mediums this year. I had a local beekeeper who was selling nucs make me three. For each I furnished a bottom board, 8 frame medium super with frames of foundation,...
  9. Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    Yes, that's the other problem. Take Christmas for example. We have had Christmas day be 75F, and we've had it 20F with snow on the ground. "Typical" is somewhere in between. I suppose I could...
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    Re: Foundation Less Frames

    What I did was use wedge-top frames. I removed the wood strip that holds down the foundation and nailed it 90 to where it would normally be. This gives the bees a nice edge from which to draw...
  11. Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    That's exactly what happened. We were towards the end of winter, the bees would have been reaching the end of their natural lives, and there was some brood. I don't remember the specifics off hand,...
  12. Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    The hive appeared strong in December, still bringing in pollen from somewhere. January and February, on warmer days, I was seeing a lot of activity. Lots of cold days in a row, and then when it got...
  13. Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    I have made the migratory style covers with shims as pictured on your website. With these, do you think moisture would still be a problem if a hive is wrapped? How much, if any, do you reduce the...
  14. Re: Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    I will be improving the windbreaks for the hives. Last winter I was counting on the hives having woods behind them with several cedars to slow the wind. It did block quite a bit compared to being...
  15. Wintering question for northern beekeepers

    Last winter I had all my hives die out, even though they still had plenty of stores--the honey was just out of reach of the cluster. There may have been other factors besides the cold, and I've...
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    Combine three hives?

    I have three hives that for different reasons are small right now. I run all 8-frame mediums.

    Hive 1 is a swarm I caught the last week of July. I think I know from which hive it swarmed. It is...
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    Re: Do robbing screens work?

    If you need robbing screens, it's too late to order them, even with express shipping. It would be like shopping for a fire extinguisher. There are a lot of plans on the internet, and you can copy...
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    Re: Buying nucs on medium frames

    I switched over to all medium 8 frame hives, and had a local beekeeper sell me three nucs that were single 8 frame medium boxes. I didn't even have to move the frames over to a different box. Like...
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    Re: Best fume board cloth

    I used an old t shirt headed for the rag box. It worked fine and one less piece of equipment to buy/make/keep track of.
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    Re: Reason to go to top entrances

    I started using top entrances this year, and all my hives keep the brood in the bottom two boxes (I run all 8 frame mediums). They seem to be utilizing the comb more efficiently than when I had 10...
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    Re: Let's put together a book list

    I came across this thread looking for book ideas. I agree with the OP, it would make a good sticky.

    Books I have that I find helpful:

    The Beekeepers Handbook, Sammataro
    The Hive and the Honey...
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    Re: What Ratio for Summer Feed?

    Yes, 1:1 ratio of sugar and water to feed when you are wanting them to build comb and grow. I know of a beekeeper who feeds 2 water to one sugar, giving a thinner feed. His thinking is that he's...
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    Morgan Freeman, Beekeeper

    Just saw on the Tonight Show that Morgan Freeman has started beekeeping. He said he started two weeks ago, and has them in Mississippi. It sounds like he got a package (he said from Arkadelphia,...
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    Re: Drone issues

    If it were me I would just leave them be. They may be outside just because of the heat, or the workers are keeping them out. They may still be needed for mating with queens, although your drones...
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    Re: My first year with 8 frame mediums

    Thanks, that's good to know. Maybe I won't have to worry if some of my hives don't get four mediums drawn out.
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