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  1. Re: Could this be a virgin queen? Dumb question maybe...

    Wait, I may have to take that back. The thorax seem hairless so maybe.

    Check the thread below, I have a small virgin queen as well:...
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    Re: Queen confession

    If I see fresh eggs, I know she been around up to 2 days ago. Eggs hat on the 3rd day.
  3. Re: Not 100% capped...when should I extract?

    I have harvested uncapped honey and I haven't had fementation problem. I did it a month ago. I would think the extracting process extracts moisture from the honey.
  4. Re: Could this be a virgin queen? Dumb question maybe...

    She could have been a queen if she was fed more royal jelly but what you have is a worker. Queens have longer hind legs even when a virgin. And she would not be so tranquilled. She would be very...
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    Re: WOW--Fast Blooming Buckwheat

    try this site;
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    Re: Asters blooming!

    Are you sure they are asters? I think what you have are painted daisies. From where I am from, North NJ, aster leaves are narrow. I could be wrong though.
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    Re: M Palmer queen post

    He sells his queens cheap $20 each and they come marked. Other people will charge you extra for marking them and an arm and a leg for their queens. So far he has provided me with the queens I...
  8. Re: Yes you can buy a gallon bucket of Goldenrod at Home Depo, $5, get planting!

    I hear you. When you read bee friendly on a plant does not necessarily mean honeybee friendly. I like you, spent lots of money planting bee friendly plants and all I see is the native bees hitting...
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    Wintering nucs in a garage or shed

    Is it wise to winterize nucs in a shed or a garage? The entrance will be screened so they don't wander out in the garage and they will be put outside during warm spell to cleanse.
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    Re: Hive check - lots of drones

    Maybe the queen is a drone layer. Meaning she does not have more sperm to fertilize her eggs. You may have ro requeen. And if the queen is missing, then you have a worker layer.
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    Re: Carniolan (swarm masters)

    You probablt got a russian queen for a carni. Also, carnies work fast during a nectar flow, they will run out of room in no time
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    I need a bee whisperer ASAP

    For the past two weeks my family and i have been attacked and stung by unproked honeybees. The apiary is about 100 ft away. I just went to observe my front yard garden just now and a bee made a V...
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    Re: Sugar Roll Results, Newby

    I did the same thing last week and only found one mite. This year I have not seen too much mites in my hive. Seems like this year was great for my bees. They even held a small population of drones...
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    Re: Bee's really coming in for water

    I have a tarp under the shade that catches rain water and tree debris and is always full of honeybees collecting water. I was gonna remove it but when I saw all the bees I decided to leave it there...
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    Re: jwcarlson, RE: your quilt box.

    Can't you just cut #8 hardware, put it on the hive and then put a super or deep on top and fill it with shreaded newspaper?
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    I have a bunch of different mint plants, such as anise hyssop, regular mint, bee balm (4 different kind) and so on. Yesterday afternoon, I cut a mixture of them and simmered in hot water and made...
  17. Re: Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    Everyone is getting attacked. You step outside and within 30 seconds you hear a bee buzzing on you, then followed by other ones. Today I stepped out and one stealthily stung me. They are like...
  18. Re: Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    Im pretty sure im the only beekeeper around in my neighborhood
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    Re: Races of Queens?

    How do you know if the sperm donors are not mutt themselves? Do they do genetics test on the sperm donors? The drone could have come from a mixed queen or worker.
  20. Re: Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    The nectar flow seem okay. Not much robbing going on. I have many plants blooming at the moment: borage, bee balm (red, pink, wild purple and burgandy), cosmo, obedient, cone flowers and so on.
  21. Re: Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    After opening this thread i went out on my front lawn and i was assaulted by another honeybee.
  22. Re: Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    The tree was not at my property. It was 30 min away
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    Re: knock on wood no verroa yet

    I guess I can try that. I will do the sugar roll tomorrow.
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    knock on wood no verroa yet

    Okay, in the past, by July I would see varroa on my bees and I would treat. Early this year I bought the white boards insert to gauge the infestation level. So far in my inspection of the hives I...
  25. Alright guys or gals explain this one to me

    Okay, I was minding my business an a honeybee stung me in the head. I was about 50 from the apiary, but not in line of sight. Later I went and sat down on my deck which is about 100 ft, from the...
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