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  1. Re: Survive winter, but die out in spring-support please

    Thank you to all who have posted. To clarify, I live in an urban, unfenced neighborhood, so I don't want more than 2 hives. I have 1 hive and my friend has another. Our idea was that if one hive were...
  2. Survive winter, but die out in spring-support please

    This is my second year in treatment free beekeeping. I only have 1 hive setup. First year they survived the spring and then died out in the following 4-5 weeks. Looked like dysentery with brown...
  3. Re: Small white worm / Blackish capped honey / No mites?

    If you have SHB it most likely is the SHB larvae hatching and moving/dropping to the ground. In early August I discovered SHB in my hive and had scraped some comb into a tupperware container. A few...
  4. Re: Does Goldenrod nectar smell like dirty, sour, wet socks?

    Thanks for the replies. Waynesgarden, I did inspect bees and they all seem to be thriving and busy, but I just didn't know if I was missing something. They are new Italian package installed in May....
  5. Does Goldenrod nectar smell like dirty, sour, wet socks?

    I have been smelling sour smell for 4 weeks now and as a 2nd year BK am worried it is AFB. I'm in a close, residential spot, so I smell the hive daily. Goldenrod has been in bloom for 4-6 weeks...
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    Re: Covering Hive for Bar-B-Q

    I have bees within 2 feet of my house and patio. I just experimented with closing in my hive as I had painters working on the house. At 5 am I duct taped window screening over the entrance and then...
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    Re: Malathion spraying

    "...As for fogging at night the mosqito disctict gives me a buffer. "

    Can you clarify what you mean by that? I am being sprayed tonight by truck fogger. My bees are not active at night, but...
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    Re: Is this a swarm cell?

    I have a similar situation, except that I found 2 supercedure cells in the MIDDLE of one frame that were formed in the last 7 days. This is 2 weeks after I housed a nuc and queen that is now laying....
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